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Photos taken on 15/2/2001

Photograph 10

Landslipped Lower Cretaceous below a palaeocliff, West Hythe. The Hythe Beds scarp is visible at the top of the slope (see section lines A-A and B-B of Bromhead).

Photograph 11

East Cliff. Folkestone beds dipping under the Gault Clay, looking towards Copt Point.

Photograph 12

Back scarps developing in the car park on the seaward side of the pitch and putt course, East Cliff.

Photograph 13

Slipped Gault Clay and mudflows overlying Folkestone beds, directly below previous picture.

Photograph 14

Back scarp of slip adjacent to Coastguard lookout, pitch & putt course. A thick section of Glauconitic Marl, the basal bed of the Chalk has slipped on the Gault Clay. This section is rarely this well exposed in this area.

Photograph 15

Backscarpps in the Gault Clay in the car park east of the Martello Tower museum; looking towards the main area of the landslipped 'Warren' undercliff.

Photograph 16

Large recent rockfall (the white scar mid photo) at the Folkestone end of the 'White Cliffs'.

Photograph 17

Drainage gallery driven under the Warren, flowing about 3 L/sec.

Photograph 18

Main (western) toe-weight protecting the Warren, a concrete slab overlying chalk rubble etc.

Photograph 19

Chalk falls/slides above the Eastern toe-weight in the Warren.

Photograph 20

(after Birch & Griffiths)

Abbott's Cliff fall, January 1988