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50 of the best worldwide links for hydropower, dams and tunnels (select useful links)

Dam inspection service, UK and overseas

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Geologyshop main index. Free information from over 1200 of the best geological web sites worldwide organised by subject.
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Free geological documents, maps, images and photos to download.
For Students and Teachers
Homework and Tutorial Guide
Job and Career Guide
AEC Ashford Engineering Consultants. A group of independent consultants specialising in hydropower schemes, tunnels and dams, with experience worldwide.
Scops; antiquarian and second-hand geological books for sale.
Dinosaurs, the first discoveries
Dinosaurs, some basic facts
Dinosaur pictures with reconstructions and habitats
Top 20 dinosaur websites worldwide  
Live Volcano Cams worldwide
UK Volcanoes; some basic facts, plus details of famous British volcanoes
Top 20 volcano websites worldwide
Earthquakes and Disasters
UK Earthquakes; facts, inclusive the most destructive earthquakes.
Top 20 earthquake sites worldwide
Plate tectonics top 20; the mechanism behind the earthquakes
Landslips of East Kent; including 20 photographs
Top 20 natural disasters sites worldwide
Chalk, the basic facts
Chalk, the White Cliffs of Dover; facts and images
UK Field Guides
Local geology & field locations in England, Scotland and Wales
Photographic record of the geology of the Dorset coast .
Geology of Kent and the Boulonnais; a detailed account
Channel Tunnel Geology; a general review of the subject
Channel Tunnel; A detailed mid-Cretaceous sequence stratigraphy
Channel Tunnel Facts; construction facts and a brief history
Worldwide Field Guides
USA Field Guides; over 200 virtual geology tours
Canada and South America-geology and field guides 
Europe, Field Guides and other regional geological data
Australasia, Field Guides and other regional data
Asian, Field Guides and other regional geological data
African & Middle Eastern Field Guides

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