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Not only is fieldwork an essential part of the training of any geologist, it can also be fun for the family. The collecting of fossils can easily distract even the youngest of children for several hours. However, the safety aspects must be emphasised as many people get severely injured or killed around our coastlines and cliffs every year. Some particular hazards include:

Unstable cliff tops, rocks falling from cliffs or mountains, landslips, landslides

Rising tides, large waves, strong currents

It is also important to remember that the locations are not an infinite resource and should be treated in a manner that will allow future generations to have access to them.

The following sites give details regarding safety and fieldwork codes. These are UK guides, the first two of which are relevant worldwide.

Safety during Fieldwork - Including references

An introduction to Field Mapping

Geological Fieldwork Code

Fossil Collecting, Fossils On America's Public Lands

USA, Rock Collecting Sites, comprehensive selection

USA, Links to fossil sites countrywide

USA, Geological maps online

USA, Geological maps - links

American Southwest

Park Geology, Tour of USA parks

Park Geology, Links to Volcano Parks

USA, USGS Geology in the Parks

USA, Physical divisions

The sites listed have been restricted to those with a significant geological content.

The Virtual Field Guides

Alabama, Wetumpka, 8 million year old meteorite impact structure?
Alabama, West, Tombigbee River in Sumter County
Alaska, Roadside Geology of the Matanuska Valley
Alaska, The Pleistocene Gubik Formation, Skull Cliff, Alaska
Alaska, Bering Land Bridge
Alaska, Geology of Akutan Island
Arkansas, Ouachitas, Structure, Stratigraphy, and Sedimentology of Paleozoic Rocks
Arkansas, Ouachita Mountains, Deep Water Turbidites
Arkansas, Central Arkansas, Economic Geology and Mineralogy
Arkansas, Rockhounding comprehensive guide
Arizona Geology Virtual Tourist
Arizona, Geology
Arizona, Geological map and key.
Arizona, Grand Canyon, General geology, excellent guide
Arizona, southeastern Arizona, field trip guide to Mineral and Environmental Investigations Project .
Arizona, Petrified forest national park
Arizona, Sunset Crater, Arizona, near Flagstaff
Arizona, White Mountains, Copper mining, porphyry deposits.
Arizona, Geology of the White Tank Mountains, Central Arizona.
Arizona/California, Yosemite, Images and movies showing 3D geological maps mainly of Arizona.
California, Geology Field Guides
California, Collecting Fossils in California, Guide
California, Anza-Borrego Desert Region
California, Black Butte, Siskiyou County, near Mt. Shasta
California, Bodega Head, San Andreas fault, Proof of plate tectonics with photos.
California, Cajon Pass field trip
California, Channel islands, Another example of faulting and plate tectonics.
California, USGS virtual field trip in Death Valley
California, Independence Dikes and Mafic Rocks of the Eastern Sierra
California, Hayward Fault
California, High Inyo Mountains, Fossils
California, Hollister, Calaveras fault, south of San Francisco Bay area, plate tectonics.
California, Inyo County, Field Trip To The Southern Nopah Range
California, Kettleman Hills, Fossils
California, Lake Manix, Fossils from Pleistocene
California, Lassen Peak Region Points of Interest
California, Geological sites along Mojave National Preserve’s most popular roads
California, Monterey Bay, Natural Bridges, Loma Prieta, Marine geology, earthquakes and the San Andreas Fault.
California, Mount Diablo Geology
California, Northern Monterey Bay, California. Geology and coastal hazards. (PDF file)
California, Owens Valley, Mammoth Lakes, Maps, images and details. Excellent field guide.
California, Geology of Patrick's Point State Park
California, Pisgah Volcano
California, San Andreas Fault Zone, Exposed at Palmdale
California, Palos Verdes Peninsula, a tectonic fault block
California, Point Reyes, Marin County, Geological history
California, Rainbow Basin field trip
California, Ring Mountain, Marin County, General geology and the San Andreas Fault.
California, Sailor Flat, A Paleobotanical Field Trip
California, Salton Trough
California, San Diego County, General geology, Quaternary to Jurassic.
California, folded and tilted rocks, unconformities, and sedimentary structures at Rainbow Basin
California, oil fields at San Ardo and Coalinga
California, San Francisco Bay Area, San Andreas Fault
California, San Francisco Bay Area, Faulting and Neogene palaeogeographies
California, Virtual Field Trip: San Andreas Fault and Hayward Fault, San Francisco Bay Area
California, San Francisco, Golden Gate, Comparison of the undisturbed and tectonically disturbed sedimentary rocks on either side of the Golden Gate.
California, Santa Cruz, 1989 earthquake, engineering impact
California, Brief Explanation of the Geology of the Santa Clarita Valley
California, Smith River. A Virtual Trip Through The Josephine Ophiolite
California, St. Francis Dam site, engineering geology.
California, Geology of the UCSU campus
California, Sharktooth Hill, A Visit To The Bone Bed
California, Sonoma County, San Andreas Fault, general geology
California, Southern California, Palmdale, Cajon Pass, Anza Borrego, Salton trough, Palos verdes, Pisgah Volcano, Timeteo Badlands, Rainbow Basin, St Francis Dam, San Andreas Fault Zone and general geology.
California, Sonoma County, Shell Beach, example of subduction zone.
California, Southern California,Timoteo Badlands
California, St. Patrick's Point, Mesozoic and Quaternary geology.
California, Union Wash, Ammonites
California, Waucoba district
California, Los Angeles, Ice Age Fossils of Rancho La Brea
California, Yosemite, Sierra Nevada, General geology, road guide
California, San Andreas Fault. Watsonville-Hollister area
Carolina, Geology Field Guides
Carolina, Mount Airy, granite quarry
Carolina, Chapel Hill, Diabase dykes
Carolina, Pilot Mountain
Carolina, Stone Mountain
Carolina, Coastal Geology Field Trip To The Outer Banks of North Carolina
Carolina, Geological Society Field Trips, mostly available as pdf files:
1952 Great Smoky Mountains area, Tennessee and North Carolina
1952 Guidebook map
1955 North Carolina Coastal Plain
1956 Kings Mountain Belt
1957 South Carolina Coastal Plain
1958 South Carolina Coastal Plain
1959 Geology of the Albermarle and Denton Quadrangles
1960 Grandfather Mountain Area
1961 Carolina Slate Belt and the Charlotte Belt in Newberry County Fall Line Stratigraphy of Columbia
1962 Geology of Moore County
1963 Geology of Pickens and Oconee Counties
1964 Chatham, Randolph and Orange County Areas
1964 Geologic Map of the NC Slate Belt Grayscale tif (IBM Order)11662KB
1965 Guide to the Geology of York County
1966 Guidebook of Excursion in Cabarrus County
1967 Guide to the Geology of the Mt. Rogers Area, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee
1968 Stratigraphy, Structure, and Petrology of the Piedmont
1968 Map of Piedmont Geology
1969 A Guide to the Geology of Northwestern South Carolina
1970 Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Economic Geology of Dan River Basin
1971 Stratigraphy and Structure of the Murphy Belt
1973 Granitic Plutons of the Central and Eastern Piedmont of South Carolina
1974 Geology of the Piedmont and Coastal Plain Near Pageland and Wadesboro
1975 Guide to the Geology of the Blue Ridge South of the Great Smoky Mountains
1976 Introduction to the Geology of the Eastern Blue Ridge of the Carolinas and nearby
1977 Field Guide to the Geology of the Durham Triassic Basin
1978 Geological Investigations of the Eastern Piedmont, Southern Appalachians
1979 Structural and Stratigraphic Framework for the Coastal Plain of North arolina
1980 Geological Investigations of Piedmont and Triassic Rocks, Central North Carolina and Virginia
1980 Magnetic Contour Lines and Major Structural Elements of the Piedmont of SW Virginia
1980 Folds and Rock Characteristics in the Danville Area Virginia
1980 Aeroradiometric Contours, Superimposed on the Geology of the Blairs, Mout Hermon and Danville Quadrangles, Virginia
1980 Gravity Map of the Charlotte
1981 Geological Investigations of the Kings Mountain Belt and Adjacent Areas in the Carolinas
1982 Geological Investigations Related to the Stratigraphy in the Kaolin Mining District, Aiken County
1983 Geologic Investigations in the Blue Ridge of Northwestern North Carolina
1984 A Stratigrapher's View of the Carolina Slate Belt Southcentral North Carolina
1985 The Virgilina Deformation: Implications of Stratigraphic Correlation in the Carolina Slate Belt
1986 Cretaceous-Tertiary of the Upper Edge of the Coastal Plain between North Augusta and Lexington
1986 Geologic Map of the Upper Edge of the Coastal Plain,
1987 Anatomy of the Alleghanian Orogeny as Seen from the Piedmont of South Carolina and Georgia
1987 Plate 1 - Geologic Map of the Clarks Hill and Leah Quadrangles
1987 Plate 1 - Geologic Map of the Clarks Hill and Leah Quadrangles
1988 Structure of the Sauratown Mountains North Carolina
1988 Map of Geology of the Western Sauratown Mountains Window and Easternmost inner Piedmont North Carolina
1988 Lineation Map of the Western Sauratown Mountains and Easternmost Inner Piedmont
1989 Campanian and Maastrichtian Depositional Systems of the Black Creek Group of the Carolinas
1990 Geology of Grenville-Age Basement and Younger Cover Rocks in the West Central Blue Ridge, North Carolina
1991 Studies of Precambrian and Paleozoic Stratigraphy in the Western Blue Ridge
1992 Geological Investigations of the Central Savannah River Area
1993 Studies of Inner Piedmont Geology with a Focus on the Columbus Promontory
1993 Geologic Map of the Columbus Promontory, Western Inner Piedmont, North Carolina
1994 Geology and Field Trip Guide, Western Flank of the Raleigh Metamorphic Belt, North Carolina
1995 Field Guide "Geology of the Western Part of the Carolina Terrane in Northwestern South Carolina
1995 Map of Rocks of the Carolina Terrane in the Spartanburg 30° x 60° quadrangle
1996 Environmental Coastal Geology: Cape Lookout to Cape Fear, NC
1997 Paleozoic Structure, Metamorphism, and Tectonics of the Blue Ridge of Western North Carolina
1998 The Carolina Terrane in Northeastern South Carolina
1998 Geology of the Ridgeway-Camden Area, South Carolina
1998 The Carolina Terrane in Northeastern South Carolina
1999 Geology of the Fall Zone Region Along the North Carolina - Virginia State Line
2000 Savannah River Site Environmental Remediation Systems in Unconsolidated Upper Coastal Plain Sediments Stratigraphic and Structural Considerations
Colorado, Geology Field Guides
Colorado, Dinosaur County, Laramide basins, Piceance and Uinta.
Colorado, Front Range Geologic Hazards Field Trip
Colorado, Garfield County, Guide to the Geology of the Glenwood Springs Area
Colorado, Geology of Golden/Morrison.
Colorado, Hinsdale County, A Virtual Field Trip of the Slumgullion Earth Flow
Colorado, Ouray - Silverton Area, Geology, Water Quality, and Avalanche Hazards
Colorado, PlateauJurassic - Cenozoic Strata of the Colorado Plateau
Colorado, Southeastern Colorado, Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Impact Layer
Colorado, The Geologic Story of the Black Canyon and Curecanti
Colorado, Touring Colorado Geology
Colorado, Rocky Mountain Geology South-Central Colorado
Colorado, Igneous Petrology of the Spanish Peaks
Colorado, Guide to the Dinosaurs of Colorado
Colorado,Florissant Valley Geology and Palaeontology
Connecticut, Precambrian to Jurassic hardrock geology.
Connecticut, Hartford Basin, Triassic Rift Basin.
Connecticut, Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill Connecticut
Connecticut, Mesozoic of Hartford Basin field trip
Connecticut, Age of dinosaurs field trip.
Connecticut, Glacial geology
Dakota, Geology of the Black Hills uplift.
Dakota, Geology of Eastern South Dakota.
Dakota, Geology of Central and Western South Dakota.
Dakota, Minnesota, Fargo-Moorhead Region, Construction problems on weak sediments.
Dakota, Geology of South Dakota
Dakota, North: Geological Survey
Note 1 - No Ordinary Plain: North Dakota's Physiography and Landforms North Dakota
Note 2 - Bison Trails and Buffalo Boulders North Dakota
Note 3 - North Dakota's Petrified Wood North Dakota
Note 4 - Earthquakes in North Dakota? North Dakota
Note 5 - Glacial Lake Agassiz North Dakota
Note 6 - Gold in North Dakota North Dakota
Note 7 - The Missouri River North Dakota
Note 8 - Eskers in North Dakota North Dakota
Note 9 - Paleontology of Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Dakota
Note 10 - Drumlins in North Dakota North Dakota
Note 11 - Ice-Thrusting in North Dakota Pop-Up Hills: North Dakota's Champagne Geology North Dakota
Note 12 - North Dakota's Badlands North Dakota
Note 13 - North Dakota Clinker North Dakota
Note 14 - Buried Glaciers and Dead-Ice Moraine North Dakota
Note 15 - North Dakota's Mountainous Areas: The Killdeer Mountains and the Turtle Mountains North Dakota
Note 16 - Dunes
Death Valley, Fossils In Death Valley National Park
Georgia, Geology review
Georgia, Geology of Georgia, granite
Georgia, Geology photo tour
Georgia, Stone Mountain, General geology
Georgia, sites of interest:
Little River Canyon (Alabama)
Cloudland Canyon Fossil sites in northwest Georgia
Carters Dam Fault (general)
Carters Dam and the Carters Dam Fault
Brasstown Bald (general)
Brasstown Bald and Lake Chatuge (specific sites)
Lake Allatoona sites
Buford Dam
Brevard Fault Zone (general)
Brevard Fault Zone (specific sites)
Stone Mountain (general)
Stone Mountain (specific sites)
Clairmont Formation Soapstone Ridge (general)
Geologic contact revealed in saprolite
Graves Mountain Providence Canyon
Grand Canyon, Geology Field Guides
Grand Canyon, The Geology of the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon, Guide to Grand Staircase in Grand Canyon
Hawaii, Kilauea Crater Kilauea Crater Virtual Field Trips
Hawaii, Six virtual field trips to Oahu, Big Island, Maui, Kahoolawe, Molokai, Kauai.
Hawaii, A Teacher's Guide to the Geology of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Hawaii, Take a Tour of Loihi, Hawaii's newest volcano
Idaho,' Craters of the Moon', the largest young basaltic lava field in the conterminous United States
Idaho, Latah County, trip in vicinity of Moscow.
Idaho, Latah County, Mineralogy
Idaho, Snake River, Yellowstone, Complex tectonic and volcanic region with a Miocene graben.
Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Jurassic carbonate sedimentology.
Idaho/Oregon, Lewiston, Kimberly, Colombia river basalt group. Flood basalts of Tertiary age.
Idaho/Washington, Spokane Valley - Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer
Idaho/Washington, Virtual Geology of the Spokane Area
Illinois, Geology of Fox Ridge State Park
Illinois, The geology of Kankakee River State Park Area, Kankakee County
Illinois, Mazon creek, Pennsylvanian, Francis Creek Shale fossils.
Illinois, Geology and mining of Starved Rock State Park and surrounding areas.
Indiana, 'Geology today'
Iowa, General geology, fossils and minerals.
Kansas, Geology of Kansas City
Kansas, Historical geology, fossils, minerals and landforms.
Kansas, Geological introduction
Kansas, Geology, Rocks, Fossils and Field Trips
Areal Extent of the Surficial Cretaceous Rocks in Kansas, map
Kentucky, Kentucky River, Ordovician.
Kentucky, Red River Gorge
Kentucky, Old Hickory Clay Company, Marshall Pit, storage shed and processing plant; Powell Pit, sand and gravel; Clastic dikes near Symsonia; Geologic hazards, landslides at Hickman, Kentucky; Vulcan Materials, Reed Quarry. Plus pdf file.
Kentucky, Fossils
Kentucky, Hazard, KY Field Trip
Louisiana, Salt Domes. Miocene Deltas, Eocene Cycles along Texas border.
Louisiana, Aspects of Louisians geology
Louisiana Fossil Page
Maine, Geological fact sheets
Maine, Mount Apatite, minerals, feldspar quarries.
Maine, Pineo Ridge moraine/delta complex.
Maine, Tumbledown Mountain Area, ductile deformation and granite magma transfer
Maryland, Calvert Cliffs, Chesapeake Bay, Miocene fossils.
Maryland, Sidelong Hill, Mississippian, structural and sedimentary geology.
Maryland, Fossils in Counties of Maryland
Maryland, Maryland's geological features
1. Muddy Creek Falls
2. Swallow Falls
3. The Great Falls of the Potomac Rocky Features:
4. Dans Rock
5. Sideling Hill Road Cut and Exhibit Center
6. Soldiers Delight Serpentine Barrens
7. Maryland Dinosaurs
8. Caves in Maryland Shorelines
9. Calvert Cliffs
10. Tidewater Maryland
11. Assateague Island
Massachussetts, Nahant, East Point of Nahant and Squaw Rock Park
Michegan,Geology and Origin of the Niagara Escarpment
Minnesota, Images and video of trips with minimal text.
Minnesota, Fossils of the Cannon River Watershed Area
Missouri, Geology field trip
Missouri, The Fossils of Boone County, Missouri
Missouri, Mississippi, A nontechnical description of the origin and evolution of the geology of the Great Plains
Montana, Crown Butte, Lacolith near Great Falls
Montana, Stratigraphy of Central Montana
Montana, Field trip to area around Great Falls.
Central Montana Geology
Montana, Explore Montana's geology
Nebraska, Lake Superior trip, with Archean rocks, the Keweenawan Rift, The Duluth Layered Complex, and the Lake Superior basin.
Areal Extent of the Surficial Cretaceous Rocks in Nebraska, map
Nebraska, Nebraska's Invertebrate Fossils
Nevada, Geology Field Guides
Nevada, Early Cambrian Fossils In Western Nevada
Nevada, Fossil Plants And Insects At Bull Run, Nevada
Nevada, Field Trip To The Copper Basin Fossil Flora
Nevada, Nevada Highway 50. Geology between Carson City and Sand Mountain (pdf file).
Nevada, Ancient Lakes and Volcanoes near Fallon
Nevada, Montello Fossils, Elko County, Nevada
Nevada, Truckee Meadows. Field trip near Reno (pdf file)
Nevada, Fossil Plants At Buffalo Canyon, Churchill County.
Nevada, Ammonites And Brachiopods In Elko County, Nevada
Nevada, Ordovician Fossils In The Toquima Range
Nevada, Fossil Leaves And An Insect From Stewart Valley, Nevada
New Hamphire, Resources and geological maps
The White Mountains, New Hampshire, AMC Back Country Hut Geology
New Hampshire, Bedrock geology of the Eastern White Mountain Batholith, N Conway area
New Hampshire, Geological introduction
New Jersey, Hunterdon County, A photo based trip with limited text.
New Jersey, Fossils of New Jersey
Areal Extent of the Surficial Cretaceous Rocks in New Jersey ,map
New Mexico, Virtual Tour of New Mexico Geology
New Mexico, Afton Lava Flow in Southern New Mexico near El Paso
New Mexico, Black Mountain Cinder Cone, Southern New Mexico west of El Paso
Areal Extent of the Surficial Cretaceous Rocks in New Mexico, map
New Mexico, Valley of Fires, Lava flow in central New Mexico
New Mexico, Field Trip to Zuni-Bandera Malpais Basalts, Northern New Mexico.
New Mexico, Cucharas Pass and Trinchera Peak, Northern New Mexico
New Mexico/Texas, McKittrick Canyon (Guadalupe Mtns. National Park) Geologic Road Log
New Mexico/Texas, Alamogordo, New Mexico-El Paso, Texas Geologic Road Log
New Mexico/Texas, Dark Canyon-Sitting Bull Falls-Rocky Arroyo Geologic Road Log
New Mexico/Texas, Carlsbad-Alamogordo, Geologic road log
New Mexico/Texas, Carlsbad Caverns vicinity, Geologic road log.
New Mexico/Texas, El Paso, Texas - Carlsbad, New Mexico Geologic Road Log
New York, Geology Field Guides
New York, Geology overview.
New York, Long Island, Precambrian to Pleistocene glaciation.
New York, Long Island, our story
New York, Mohawk River Valley, Ordovician sedimentology and tectonism.
New York, Mohawk River Valley of New York , Fossils
New York, Oneonta, Hudson River, 400 million years of Earth History.
New York, Oneonta to the Adirondack lowlands.
New York, Geology and Geography of New York Bight Beaches
New York, Rochester, Geological history.
New York, Harriman State Park
New York, Staten Island, General geology.
New York, St. Lawrence Lowlands. A virtual tour of the PreCambrian and Lower Paleozoic rocks of the area.
New York, Tully Valley, Landslide Susceptibility, Finger Lakes Region
New York, The Geology of Western New York
New York, En Echelon Fringe Cracks and the Tectonic History of the Appalachian Plateau, New York State
North Dakota, Introduction to the North Dakota Geological Survey Fossil Resource Management Program
Ohio, Geology
Areal Extent of the Surficial Cretaceous Rocks in Oklahoma, map
Oregon, Cascade Range, Volcanoes, volcanics and regional geology (USGS).
Oregon, Descutes, Basin and range Province, General geology, volcanoes and earthquakes.
Oregon,History, geology, and glaciation of Mt. Hood.
Oregon, Coast Range geology
Oregon, High Lava Plains and northern Basin and Range
Oregon, High Cascades, Mount Hood, 50,000 years of volcanic history (USGS).
Oregon, Geology of the Elkhorn Mountains, northeastern Oregon
Pennsylvania, Allegheny Mountain Section - Appalachian Plateaus Province
Pennsylvania, Historical geology field trip.
Tennessee, Geological story of the Ocoee River Gorge.
Tennessee, Nashville Fossils
Texas, Geology Field Guides
Texas, Austin Chalk Group, chalk stratigraphy and sedimentology
Texas, Austin area, Travis County, geology history, rock types and formations, faulting and a Cretaceous volcano.
Texas, Ausin area, virtual field guide including maps and animations.
Texas, Austin, guide to buiding stones, Precambrian to Pleistocene.
Texas, Balcones Escarpment, contains field trip guide San Antonio to Austin
Texas, Big Bend, Historical geology, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary processes.
Texas, The Brazos River -- Brazos Bend State Park Fluvial sedimentation in a meandering river floodplain
Texas, Central, Lower Cretaceous Dinosaur Trackways
Texas, Structural geology and landforms of Dallas County
Texas, The Permian Reef Complex (Delaware Basin) of West Texas
Texas, East-Central, Coal Geology of the Paleocene-Eocene Calvert Bluff Formation (Wilcox Group) and the Eocene Manning Formation (Jackson Group) in east-central Texas
Texas, A Brief Overview of Geology in the Big Bend Area
Texas, Handbook of Texas Geology Online
Texas, Invertebrate Fossils of Texas from Stone City Bluff, Burleson County, Texas
Texas/New Mexico , Geology of the Hueco Tanks area, near El Paso
Texas/New Mexico , Kilbourne's Hole, Maar volcano near El Paso
Texas/New Mexico, Aden Crater volcano near El Paso
Texas/New Mexico, The Franklin Mountains of El Paso
Texas/New Mexico, A geologic history of the El Paso-Juarez area
Texas, Enchanted Rock,Precambrian granite batholith.
Texas, Permian Reef Complex, Guadalupe and Delaware Mountains, New Mexico-West Texas
Texas, Hill Country, Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic processes.
Texas, A Virtual Field Trip to Sites of Geologic Interest in the Houston Area
Texas, Llano Uplift, Granites and contact metamorphism.
Texas, Coals of Webb County (Claiborne Group, Eocene) and Lignites of Atascosa County (Jackson Group, Eocene)
Late Mesozoic Geology of Texas, major reference with map, stratigraphic details, formation names etc.
Utah, Geology Field Guides
Utah, Basic geology of Bryce Canyon National Park
Utah, Cottonwod Canyon, Precambrian clastic sedimentology and stratigraphy field trips.
Utah, Deformation at Grandeur Peak
Utah, Dry Creek Canyon to Red Butte Gardens
Utah, Geology Field Trip Henry Mountains and Capitol Reef .
Utah, Trail guidewith the geology emphasized to Rock Canyon near Provo.
Utah, Monument Valley, Learn to make geological deductions from field observations
Utah, Wasatch Range, Thrust sheet with maps and figures.
Utah, Geology and structure of Upheaval Dome, San Juan County, Utah: Salt or Impact Structure?
Utah, Fluorspar, beryllium, and uranium deposits at Spor Mountain, Western Utah
Areal Extent of the Surficial Cretaceous Rocks in Utah, map
Vermont, Some Basic Green Mountain Geology
Vermont, Geology
Fossils of the Champlain Valley
Chazy Reef of Isle Lamotte
Champlain Thrust, Lone Rock Point, Burlington
Belvidere Mountain, Eden and Lowell
The Danville/ St. Johnsbury area
The Montpelier Quadrangle
Virginia, West, The Formation of the West Virginia Hills and Its Wealth of Minerals
Virginia, Geology of
Washington, Mount St. Helens, Road guide to volcanic deposits.
Washington, Mount St. Helens Vicinity - Points of Interest along the Spirit Lake Memorial Highway
Washington, Geology of North Cascades National Park Three Virtual Field Trips
Washington, Indian Heaven Volcanic Field.
Washungton, Eruptive history, road log, Mt. Rainier, Washington
Washington, Fidalgo Island, just west of Mount Vernon, Ophiolite sequence
Washington,General Geology of Southeastern Washington
Wisconsin, Illinois, Silurian reefs, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, sedimentology and palaeontology
Wisconsin, Michegan, Midcontinent rift system, stratigraphy, structure and mineralisation
Wisconsin, Portage County, Tomorrow River, Modern fluvial processes.
Wisconsin, Geology of Rib Mountain
Wyoming, Lazeart Syncline and Darby Thrust, Structural geology
Wyoming, Geology of Grand Teton National Park 

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