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A portfolio of 20 of the best websites worldwide on hominids, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to sites on other fossil groups, evolution and stratigraphy.

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Choice: Educational Sites; Link Sites; Other Sites of Interest

Educational Sites
Fossil Hominids **** (1)
A site aimed at refuting creationist claims. As such it includes a thorough summary of current evidence about human evolution plus a detailed section on recent developments. From the Talk Origins Archive.

Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution in China *** (2)
Presents the evidence for human evolution in China with maps, a picture gallery, a time line and links to masses of other information on human evolution.

Lectures in Human Evolution *** (3)
Excellent text based summary of the subject.

Boxgrove Man *** (4)
The story of Boxgrove Man who lived in Southern England about half a million years ago. Includes palaeoenvironmental evidence.

Human Evolution *** (5)
Excellent summary, with evolutionary chart, tools, sites and a map of hominid dispersal.

Hunting Hominids *** (6)
A series of articles on hominids which provide an excellent basic description of the scientific methodology involved. From the Discovery Channel.

Major fossil find....*** (7)
At Sterkfontein Caves. The earliest hominid skeleton plus a major stratigraphic section encompassing much of human evolution.

Becoming Human *** (8)

The story of Human Evolution with resource lists and a learning center.

The Evolution of Man *** (9)

Lots of images with reconstructions.

The Origin of Modern Humans *** (10)

Multiregional and Replacement Theories with images.

The Life & Times of Early Man *** (11)
A cool site for younger students (and older ones?) which provides an excellent basic summary of the subject.

Iberian and Euopean Neandertals *** (12)

The Extinction of Iberian Neandertals and Its Implications for the Origins of Modern Humans in Europe

Thomas Huxley ** (13)
The story of Thomas Huxley an ardent champion of Darwin who was the first British intellectual to apply the theory of natural selection to humanity.

Early Human Evolution ** (14)

With a glossary and links.

China Plio-Pleistocene Hominidae ** (15)

Short papaer on the implications of new fossil material attributed to Plio-Pleistocene Asian Hominidae.

Hominid Species Timeline ** (16)

With images.


The Leakey Foundation *** (17)

With links and educational resources plus audio archives. 

Link Sites
Paleoanthropology Links *** (18)
Major link site from Talk Origins. Revisit the creationist debate for yourself.

Human Origins Forum *** (19)
Includes human origins news plus links to other sites of all types.

Human Evolution ** (20)
A limited link site.

Bibliography *** (21)

Offline. Selected References on Human Evolution and Paleoanthropology from the Smithsonian.

Other sites of interest
Piltdown Man ** (22)
The story of possibly the most famous hoax in scientific history.

Human Evolution - You Try It. ** (23)
Of interest for its attempted facial reconstructions and brief summaries of species.


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