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50 of the best worldwide links for hydropower, dams and tunnels (select useful links)

Dam inspection service, UK and overseas

  One of the main sites for geological information worldwide . This is one of over 50 link pages plus there are many original articles. Try our site specific SEARCH ENGINE to find the information you want or go to our MAIN INDEX page. Or try our site specific ORIGINAL articles, FREE geological stuff, or use our HOMEWORK AND TUTORIAL GUIDE .



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Choice: Educational Sites; Link Sites; Other Sites of Interest


Educational Sites
Anatomy of a Mine **** (1)
Detailed text on just about everything to do with mining in the US. Includes topics from prospecting through to reclamation.
Exploration Techniques *** (2)
Brief descriptions of geological, geophysical and geochemical techniques.
An Introduction to Coal *** (3)
Excellent detailed information on the content and classification of coal.
Australian Mineral Deposits *** (4)
Mineral and mines database of Australia with an interactive map.
Mineral Deposits *** (5)
Basic descriptions of the various types of mineral deposits.
Montana *** (6)
From the local Bureau of mines. Aspects affecting this state.
Coal Information *** (7)
Commonly asked questions about coal with details of the Kentucky coalfields.

Gold and Civilisation *** (8)
Tells the story of gold in Australia in an international context.
Coal Geology and Resource Data Online *** (9)
From the Illinois geological survey, maps and coal geology.
The Australian Mining Industry ** (10)
From Settlement to 2000 (Oct, 2000) **
Gold Prospecting Techniques (11)
Basic description.

Link Sites
Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library **** (12)
The UK's internet gateway for mining engineering.
Minenet *** (13)
Claims to be the ultimate gateway to worldwide mining information and probably is.
Mineral Educational Links *** (14)
One of the best sites for educational mining links.
Mining Educator's website *** (15)
Links to mining departments worldwide.
Mine Links *** (16)
Worldwide web site links.

Goldsheet *** (17)
One of the world's best Web jump off point to Mining Company WebSites. Now contains links to well over 1000 company home pages at least that many more to other Mining Related WebSites.
Mining Journal *** (18)
Includes book and publication links, project profiles and worldwide company ansd academic links. 
Mining India *** (19)
General site on mining in India with excellent short summaries on the history of mining worldwide, high tech method of working coal, mining environment and economic legislation etc
Mining South Africa ** (20)
Good worldwide links but very slow.

Other sites of interest; Mine and Quarry geology worldwide
West and Central Africa, Mining Forum
Nigeria, Geology and Mineral deposits
Comparative Geology, and Geochemistry of Sedimentary-Rock-Hosted (Carlin-Type) Gold Deposits in the People's Republic of China and in Nevada, USA
Australia, Minerals and the mineral industry
Chalice, gold mine, Western Australia
Waihi, Martha Mine, geology, mining and rehabilitation
Ilomantsi, eastern Finland, Geological development, gold mineralization and exploration methods in the late Archean Hattu schist belt.
Finland, Diamond Potential of Finland: Summary
Gold in Finland
Oppland, The Grua Mining District, Norway
Byrud, Norway, Emerald Mines
Snarum, Modum, Buskerud, Norway, Magnesite Quarries
Soroki, Economic gold mineralisation of the Soroki greenstone belt
Cornwall, Devon & Somerset, Geology, Mines, Minerals and Fossils of Southwest England
A field Trip to Castleton, Derbyshire. ‘In search of Blue John’
Melton Ross, Geology of the Chalk Quarries
Middlegate Quarry South Ferriby
Rifle Butts Quarry SSSI, Geology
Visit to Boulby Potash Mine  
Kildonan Burn, Gold in Scotland
Arizona, White Mountains, Copper mining, porphyry deposits.
Carolina, Mount Airy, granite quarry
Maine, Mount Apatite, minerals, feldspar quarries.
Utah, Fluorspar, beryllium, and uranium deposits at Spor Mountain, Western Utah
Geology and Ore Deposits of the Timmins District, Ontario.
The Ontario Geological Survey, inclusive online mining information
Mexico, Copper of Sierra Cobre

USGS Reports
The main resource for mine, mineral extraction, mineral mapping and geochemistry of mineral and mining waste deposits, mainly in the USA, but also worldwide. Selected reports for 2002/2001:
02-026 Mapped Minerals at Questa, New Mexico, Using Airbourne Visible-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) Data -- Preliminary Report [New as of 02.04.02]
02-028 Arsenic in Rocks and Stream Sediments of the Central Applachian Basin, Kentucky [WEB ONLY] [New as of 03.12.02]
02-029 Historical Trends in U.S. Mineral Statistics for Selected Non-Ferrous Metals [WEB ONLY] [New as of 03.15.02]
02-055 Geologic Cross Sections Showing the Concentrations of As, Cd, Co, Cu, Cr, Fe, Mo, Ni, Pb, and Zn in Acid-Insoluble Residues of Paleozoic Rocks within the Doniphan/Eleven Point Ranger District of the Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri, USA [WEB ONLY] [New as of 02.14.02]
02-074 Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of Ore-bearing Intrusions of the Noril'sk type, Siberia; With Discussion of Their Origin, Including Additional Datasets and Core Logs [WEB ONLY] [New as of 02.28.02]
02-110 Mines and Mineral Occurrences of Afghanistan [WEB ONLY] [New as of 03.22.02]
01-003 Geochemical Data for Historic Mining Areas, Central Western Slope, Colorado [WEB ONLY]
01-006 Historical Statistics for Mineral Commodities in the United States [WEB ONLY]
01-237 Eagle Mountain Mine -- Geology of the Former Kaiser Steel Operation in Riverside County, California [WEB ONLY]
01-291 Mineral Potential Modelling of Gold and Silver Mineralization in the Nevada Great Basin -- A GIS-Based Analysis Using Weights of Evidence [WEB ONLY]
01-321 Chromite Deposits in Central Part Stillwater Complex, Sweet Grass County, Montana: A Digital Database for the Geologic Map of the East Slope of Iron Mountain [WEB ONLY]
01-336 Geochemistry of Selected Mercury Mine-tailings in the Parkfield Mercury District, California [WEB ONLY]
01-360 Mineral Resources Out of the Ground . . . Into Our Daily Lives [WEB ONLY]
01-411 Chemical Composition of Samples Collected from Waste Rock Dumps and Other Mining-Related Features at Selected Phosphate Mines in Southeastern Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Northern Utah [WEB ONLY] [New as of 02.14.02]
00-047 Coal-Bearing Regions and Structural Sedimentary Basins of China and Adjacent Seas
00-144 Minerals in Our Environment
00-338 Analytical Results for Mine Dump Samples and Leachate Solutions, Upper Animas River Watershed, San Juan County, Colorado
00-371 Ground Geophysical Study of the Buckeye Mine Tailings, Boulder Watershed, Montana
00-459 Hydrogeochemical Data for Historic Mining Areas, Humboldt Watershed and Adjacent Areas, Northern Nevada [WEB ONLY]
99-0005 Calculation of Coal Resources Using ARC/INFO and EarthVision: Methodology for the National Coal Resource Assessment
99-0029 Lithology and Aggregate Quality Attributes for the Digital Geologic Map of Colorado [PDF format]
99-0136 Geological and Geophysical Setting of the Gold-Silver Vein Systems of Unga Island, Southwestern Alaska
99-0165 Preliminary Publications Book 1 from Project on Mineral Resources, Metallogenesis, and Tectonics of Northeast Asia
99-0376 National Coal Resource Assessment Non-Proprietary Data: Location, Stratigraphy, and Coal Quality for Selected Tertiary Coal in the Northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains Region
97-0081 An Introduction to Sand and Gravel Deposit Models, Front Range Urban Corridor
97-0137A Assessment of the Coal Resources of the Kyrgyz Republic: Coal Character and Distribution, Geology, Mining, and Importance, to the Nation's Future
97-0447 The COALPROD Database: Historical Production Data for the Major Coal-Producing Regions of the Conterminous United States
96-0092 Coal Fields of the Conterminous United States
96-0280 Map Showing Areal Extent of the Pittsburgh Coal Bed and Horizon and Mined Areas of the Pittsburgh Coal Bed in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland
91-0011-A Some Industrial Mineral Deposit Models: Descriptive Deposit Models
82-0795 Characteristics of Mineral Deposit Occurrences
Circular 891. Coal Resource Classification System of the U.S. Geological Survey
Circular 1178. 1998 Assessment of Undiscovered Deposits of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, and Zinc in the United States [New as of 07-19-01]

The above reports are only a small fracation of the overall USGS reports that can be obtained online. For the pre 2001 reports on mines, mining and the geochemistry of mines and mine waste.

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