Ice Ages

Pleistocene, Glacial Periods, Interglacials, Glaciation, Climatic change

A portfolio of 20 of the best websites worldwide on Ice Ages, selected for you by a professional geologist.

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Ice Ages ***
Basic text with North American bias.
Ice Ages and Global Warming ***
Good introduction into global warming and possible causes.
Ice Age Mammals and their Extinction ***
Introduction to this worldwide event.
Ice Age climate ***
Formation of Northern Ice Sheets with maps.
Ice Ages ***
Basic text with links.
Ice Ages ***
Basic text and images.
Late Pleistocene Extinctions ***
Detailed text.
Greenhouse Lessons from the Geologic Record ***
Text with images.
Images of ice age mammals.
Ice Ages & Glaciation **
Summary with maps and figures.
Precambrian Ice Ages **
Summary of evidence from the Appalachian hills.
North America.....Last 150,000 years **
Summary of vegetation changes with maps.
The Midwestern U.S. 16,000 Years Ago ***
Online exhibit.
The GISP2 ice core record--paleoclimate highlights ***
Detailed text. Some Pleistocene

Field Guides:

California, Lake Manix, Fossils from Pleistocene
California, Los Angeles, Ice Age Fossils of Rancho La Brea. The famous tarpits.
Maine, Pineo Ridge moraine/delta complex.
Oregon, History, geology, and glaciation of Mt. Hood.
Finland, Geomorphology of Finland
Connecticut, Glacial geology
A Virtual Geological Field Trip to Iceland, 17 localities, geology plus glaciers and landforms
The Glacial Geology of Dimlington High Cliff on the Holderness Coast







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