A portfolio of 20 of the best websites worldwide on fossils, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to sites on specific fossil groups, evolution and stratigraphy.

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Choice: Educational Sites; Link Sites; Other Sites of Interest

Educational Sites
Taxon Lift ***** (1)
Well organised basic introductory descriptions of most groups of fossil organisms. Covers their fossil record, ecology, systematics and morphology. From UCMP.
Natural History Museum **** (2)
Most significant for its innovative Earth Lab Datasite which allows amateur geologists and students to investigate UK geology online, including allowing you to identify fossils.
Palaeontologica Electronica **** (3)
Online palaeontological journal with detailed articles and book reviews.
Palaeontology **** (4)
General articles with images organised by subject; from Nearctica.
Learning from the Fossil Record *** (5)
Features a series of educational articles with plenty of ideas for classroom activities. Another UCMP site.
The Dawn of Animal Life *** (6)
Good summary of early life on Earth.
The Field Museum *** (7)
Featuring one of the world's ten largest palaeontological collections.
Never Mind the Dinosaurs... *** (8)
A useful summary of Mesozoic life living alongside the dinosaurs.
American Natural History Museum *** (9)
Electronic newspaper with topical fossil news.
Palaeo Reef Database *** (10)
A database of reefs from Cambrian to Pliocene times. Features detailed palaeoenvironmental reconstructions.
WMNH *** (11)
Provides a number of high quality fossil images.
Earth & Life Through Time *** (12)
Good general lecture text about life on earth.
Changing Paleoclimates and Mass Extinctions ***
Discusses paleoclimates, their cyclicity through geological time and how this may be associated with mass extinctions.
Fossils of the Lias *** (14)
Excellent text and images from UK.
Fossil Preparation & Conservation *** (15)
Good practical text.

Link Sites
BIOME **** (16)
The UK's main Internet Gateway to the Natural Sciences and Palaeontology from the University of Nottingham.
Fossil Collections of the World **** (17)
Perhaps the main link site for palaeontologists on the web.
PaleoNet ****(18)
Important link site.
Boggy's Paleontological Links *** (19)
A major fossil link site to everything to do with fossils.
Paleontology & Fossil Resources *** (20)
A major fossil link site.
Palaeontology & Fossils *** (21)
A UK link site organised by subject.
World Species List *** (22)
Links to fossil collections and databases worldwide.

Other sites of interest
Collecting Fossils in California *** (23)
Features a fossil collectors forum and fossil news plus a lot more.
Thorntons ** (24)
Basic introduction to collecting fossils.

Worldwide Locations
Mesozoic Vertebrates from the Upper Blue Nile Gorge, Ethiopia
Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene Paleontology and Stratigraphy of Madagascar
U.A.E., fossils
Japan, fossils
Japan, fossils (in Japanese)
Australia, Fossil mammal sites
Canowindra fish fossil, Age of Fishes Museum
The Naracoorte world heritage fossil mammal site project
The fossils of Riversleigh
Limay et Guerville, Les fossiles de
France, Fossils and stratigraphy of over 20 sites (in French)
France, Fossil localities throughout France with excellent images
bassin de Paris, Les fossiles du
Brittany, Ordovician Trilobites
British Fossil Fauna and Flora
Kimmeridge Clay -Geology, Fossils
Lulworth Area - Pt. 2 - Fossil Forest
Lulworth Area - Strata and Fossils
Lyme Regis - Pt. 3 - Lias Fossils
Osmington - Pt. 6 - Corallian Fossils
Solent, Geology - Submerged Forest
East Kent, Geology, fossils
Cement making at South Ferriby, N. Lincolnshire and The Geology and some recorded fossils from South Ferriby Quarry
Reminiscences of some early collecting in East Yorkshire , fossils with images
Moffat, Dobb's Linn, Geology, Graptolites
Northeast, The Biota of Early Terrestrial Ecosystems: The Rhynie Chert
Arizona, Petrified forest national park
California, Kettleman Hills, Fossils
California, Lake Manix, Fossils from Pleistocene
California, Sharktooth Hill, A Visit To The Bone Bed
California, Union Wash, Ammonites
California, Los Angeles, Ice Age Fossils of Rancho La Brea
Colorado,Florissant Valley Geology and Palaeontology
Death Valley, Fossils In Death Valley National Park
Illinois, Mazon creek, Pennsylvanian, Francis Creek Shale fossils.
Iowa, General geology, fossils and minerals.
Kansas, Geology, Rocks, Fossils and Field Trips
Kentucky, Fossils
Louisiana, Fossil Page
Maryland, Calvert Cliffs, Chesapeake Bay, Miocene fossils.
Maryland, Fossils in Counties of Maryland
Minnesota, Fossils of the Cannon River Watershed Area
Nebraska, Nebraska's Invertebrate Fossils
Nevada, Early Cambrian Fossils In Western Nevada
Nevada, Fossil Plants And Insects At Bull Run, Nevada
Nevada, Field Trip To The Copper Basin Fossil Flora
Nevada, Montello Fossils, Elko County, Nevada
Nevada, Fossil Plants At Buffalo Canyon, Churchill County.
Nevada, Ammonites And Brachiopods In Elko County, Nevada
Nevada, Ordovician Fossils In The Toquima Range
Nevada, Fossil Leaves And An Insect From Stewart Valley, Nevada
New Jersey, Fossils of New Jersey
New York, Mohawk River Valley of New York , Fossils
Tennessee, Nashville Fossils
Texas, Invertebrate Fossils of Texas from Stone City Bluff, Burleson County, Texas
British Columbia Fossils
Nova Scotia, fossils



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