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A portfolio of some of the best websites worldwide for jobs and career information for geologists, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to university, engineering, mining and oilfield sites.

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Advertised Jobs

Earthworks ****

A comprehensive listing of Earth Science jobs updated several times daily.

America's Job Bank ****

Number of New Jobs Today: 7,034 Number of New Resumes Today: 209 Total Jobs Available: 1,083,295 Total Available Resumes: 404,354

American Geological Institute ***

Includes profiles of geoscientists, articles, listings of US geoscience departments, plus employment statistics for geoscientists in the USA.

Mining Employment Page***
Mining USA.

USGS ***

Employment with the USGS. Online automated.

Geological Society ***

An all in one site with advertised jobs, plus info on careers, qualifications, training, how to become a Chartered Geologist etc.

GeoJobs International ***

Online geoscientific employment services.

GeoWeb Interactive ***

Online geoscientific employment services.

GeoscienceJobs.COM ***

Worldwide Employment Opportunities & Resources for Geoscience & Geo-Engineering Professionals.

Infomine ***

Mining jobs worldwide.

CareerMine ***

Comprhensive worldwide listing.

Resume Genie ***

Geology Job Postings, Salary Information, and Job Search Tips.

JobHunt ***

Includes Top 6 Online Job Search Mistakes, Starting Your Online Job Search, Choosing a Job Site, Creating an Internet Resume and Protecting Your Privacy.

Oil Online ***

Job Postings, find a job resumes, find a new employee personnel locator, and training materials.

Petroleum Place ***

Oil Industry jobs worldwide.

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists ***
Job Opportunities.

1st Steps in the Hunt **

Daily news for online job hunters.

Geotech Jobs **

Submit your resume and review job listings for free. Good idea but presently limited by lack of jobs on offer.

US Government's Jobs **

As the title states.

British Geological Society **

Current vacancies and summer vacation work experience.

Geological Society **

In the UK the best list of companies, universities and organisations is published by the Geological Society as the Geologist's Directory. Unfortunately this is not yet online.

Jobs in the Geoscience **

Free advertising board from the Geological Association of Canada.

Links Sites

Geoscience Jobs ****

Possibly the main(z) link site for Geoscience jobs worldwide.

Earth and Environmental Sciences Jobs ****

A comprhensive worldwide listing from Oxford Brookes University.

Imperial College ***

Links to companies which employ Earth Science graduates from Imperial College. **

Jobs in Earth Sciences with an Oil Company bias. **

Interviewing & Job Search links.

Houston Geological Society **

Job listings page for the oil industry.

Career & Employment Guides

Recruiter's Toolkit ***

An Introduction To Electronic Recruiting. ***

Tips for preparing applications and resumes, interviewing and job seekers (links at page bottom).

Careers in Geoscience ***

A guide from the Canadian Geoscience Council.

Job Profiles **

A profile of a US State Government Geologist/Paleontologist.

UWG Geology Careers **

Most of this information is from the 1994/1995 US Federal Government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Association of Women Geoscientists **

Employment, Awards, and Scholarships.







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