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Not only is fieldwork an essential part of the training of any geologist, it can also be fun for the family. The collecting of fossils can easily distract even the youngest of children for several hours. However, the safety aspects must be emphasised as many people get severely injured or killed around our coastlines and cliffs every year. Some particular hazards include:

Unstable cliff tops; Rocks falling from cliffs

Rising tides; Large waves

It is also important to remember that the locations are not an infinite resource and should be treated in a manner that will allow future generations to have access to them.

The following sites give details regarding safety and fieldwork codes.

Safety during Fieldwork - Including references

An introduction to Field Mapping

Geological Fieldwork Code

Geology in the City, a guide to what to look for

Starting a small fossil collection


Geology of Great Britain -Introduction with Geological Maps

British Fossil Fauna and Flora

Geological publications, A listing of some of those available for purchase.

Fossil locations of the UK, 64 locations and over 450 images and maps

Walks with Rocks, BBC urban geology guide

Humberside Geologist Online Edition, from The journal of the Hull Geological Society, the most complete UK online geological journal

Discovering garnets along the shore, along the East coast

 The standard of the following sites varies greatly from excellent (West's Geological Directory) to very basic. Even the basic sites have all been included as often they are the only sites with local free geological information.




Cornwall, Geology

West Cornwall, Geology

Cornwall, Devon & Somerset, Geology, Mines, Minerals and Fossils of Southwest England


Peak District, Geology

Peak District, Geology

A field Trip to Castleton, Derbyshire. ‘In search of Blue John’


Devon, Geology & wildlife

Dorset and Hampshire:

Dorset, Photographic Guide to field locations

Barton and Hordle Cliff, Geology, Eocene, Hampshire-Dorset

Bridport Area, Pt. 1 - Geology, West Bay (Low. & M. Jurassic)

Bridport Area - Pt. 2 - Burton Bradstock, Burton Cliff

Bournemouth Cliffs, geology, with Leaf Beds

Charmouth, Heritage Coast Centre

Durlston Bay, Pt. 1 - Geology, Upper Purbeck Formation

Durlston Bay - Pt. 2 - Middle Purbeck

Durlston Bay - Pt. 3 - Lower Purbeck

Kimmeridge - geology, Introduction

Kimmeridge Clay -Geology, Fossils

Kimmeridge - Kimmeridge Bay

Kimmeridge - West of Kimmeridge Bay

Kimmeridge - Hen Cliff, Yellow Ledge and Cuddle

Kimmeridge - Burning Beach, Burning Cliffs

Kimmeridge - Blackstone, Oil Shale at Clavell's Hard

Kimmeridge - Rope Lake Head to Freshwater Steps

Lulworth Area - Geology, Pt. 1 - Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Area - Pt. 2 - Fossil Forest

Lulworth Area - Pt. 3 - Stair Hole

Lulworth Area - Pt. 4 - Dungy Head

Lulworth Area - Pt. 5 - Durdle Door

Lulworth Area - Pt. 6 - Mupe Bay

Lulworth Area - Pt. 7 - Worbarrow Bay

Lulworth Area - Strata and Fossils

Lyme Regis - Geology, Pt. 1 - (Lower Jurassic) Introduction

Lyme Regis - Pt. 2 - East to Charmouth

Lyme Regis - Pt. 3 - Lias Fossils

Lyme Regis - Burning Cliffs & Lyme Volcano

Lyme Regis, Geology & history

Osmington - Geology, Pt. 1 - (U. Jurassic, Corallian) - Introduction

Osmington - Pt. 2 - Osmington Mills to Ringstead

Osmington - Pt. 3 - Bencliff Grit and Oil-sand

Osmington - Pt. 4 - Osmington Oolite

Osmington - Pt. 5 - Black Head

Osmington - Pt. 6 - Corallian Fossils

Portland - Geology, Isle of, Pt. 1 - General

Portland - Pt. 2 - Portland Bill

Portland - Pt. 3 - Withies Croft Quarry

Portland - Pt. 4 - Chesil Beach

Purbeck Formation - Geology, Facies (Lower Cretaceous, lagoonal)

Purbeck Formation - Evaporites

South Coast Geological Guides - Introduction & Maps

St. Aldhelm's Hd to Durlston, Geology - Pt. 1 - Introduction

St. Aldhelm's Hd to Durlston Hd - Pt. 2 - St. Aldhelm's Head

St. Aldhelm's Hd to Durlston Hd - Pt. 3 - Winspit, Seacombe

St. Aldhelm's Hd to Durlston Hd - Pt. 4 - Dancing Ledge

St. Aldhelm's Hd to Durlston Hd - Pt. 5 - Anvil Pt,

Solent Shores - Geology, Tertiary - Quaternary

Solent, Geology - Submerged Forest

Solent, Geology - Erratics of Hampshire - Sussex coastal plain

The Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay

Forest of Dean:

Forest of Dean, Geology, history

Isle Of Wight:

Isle of Wight, Geology - Introduction

Isle of Wight, Geology, Dinosaur collecting

Isle of Wight, Geology - Introduction


Chalk, The White Cliffs of Dover

Geology of Kent

Channel Tunnel Geology

East Kent, Geology, landslips

East Kent, Geology, fossils

Lake District:

Lake District, Geology


Lincolnshire, Geology and natural areas of

Melton Ross, Geology of the Chalk Quarries

The Variegated Beds of the Welton Chalk Formation of North Lincolnshire

Cement making at South Ferriby, N. Lincolnshire and The Geology and some recorded fossils from South Ferriby Quarry

Report of Field Meeting in North Lincolnshire, Ulceby Vale Quarry

Middlegate Quarry South Ferriby


Surrey, Geology


Shoreham, Geology


Hull, East Yorkshire and more from Mike Horne

The Geology around Hull, Photographs of sites

The Glacial Geology of Dimlington High Cliff on the Holderness Coast

The Geology of Holderness

East Yorkshire, Geology

East Yorkshire, Geology

Market Weighton, The Geology of the Market Weighton By pass

Field Meeting to Langtoft Chalk Pits

Reminiscences of some early collecting in East Yorkshire , fossils with images

Rifle Butts Quarry SSSI, Geology

The Geology of the Hull Fish Trail, the City of Hull

Visit to Boulby Potash Mine  

Yorksire's Jurassic Park , dinosaurs

The Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay

Speeton Clay

The Geology of the Yorkshire Chalk


Scotland field trip, numerous field localities with grid references and bibliography

Ardnamurchan, Geology

Assynt, Geology

Assynt, Geology, Moine Thrust Belt

Assynt, Geology, Moine Thrust Belt

Berwickshire, Geology, unconformity

East Fife, Geology, structures

Edinburgh, Geology, Holyrood Park, Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh, Geology, Holyrood Park, Arthur's Seat

Fossil Localities, Lesmahagow, Bearsden, Elgin

Isle of Arran, Geology

Isle of Arran, Igneous geology

Kildonan Burn, Gold in Scotland

Loch Lomond, Geology

Isle of Mull, Geology

Loch Ness, Geology

The Geology of Loch Ewe

Moine Thrust Belt, Structural geology

Moffat, Dobb's Linn, Geology, Graptolites

Mull of Galloway, geology of S Rhins

Northeast, The Biota of Early Terrestrial Ecosystems: The Rhynie Chert

Perthshire, Geology

Isle of Skye, Geology

St. Andrews, Geology



Gower peninsular, geology

Gower peninsular, geology & history

Newquay, Turbidites of the Welsh Coast Silurian

Pembrokeshire, Geology

Wales, Geology


Northern Ireland:

Geological summary

The Causeway Coast


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