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A collection of the best live webcam websites worldwide, selected for you by a professional geologist.
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The worldwide working live volcano webcams on 1/3/2002:


Lake Nyos, Cameroon, Volcano Lake


Mount St. Helens, USA, Volcano

Mount St. Helens, USA,Volcano

Old Faithful, USA, Yellowstone Park, Geyser

Crater Lake, USA, Volcano

Mount Shastra, USA, California, Volcano

Haleakala, USA, Hawaii, Crater

Mt. Redoubt, USA, Alaska, Volcano

Mexico City, Mexico, Volcano

Colima, Mexico, Volcano

Popacatepetl, Mexico, Volcano

San Salvador, Volcano

Mt. Pelee, Martinique, France, Volcano

Nicaragua, San Cristóbal, Telica, Cerro Negro, Momotombo, Volcanoes

Baru, Colombia, Volcano


Mount Erebus, Antarctica


Unzen, Japan, Volcano

Miyake, Japan, Volcano

Iwate, Japan, Volcano

Fuji, Japan, Volcano

Fuji, Japan, Volcano

Adatara, Japan, Volcano

Usu, Japan, Volcano

Sakurajima seen from Kagoshima , Japan, Volcano

Kliuchevskoi, Russia (Kamchtaka), Volcano  


Ruapehu, New Zealand, Volcano

White Island, New Zealand, Crater


Mount Vesuvius from Centro Ricerche, Italy

Vesuvius, Italy, Volcano

Santorini (Thera, Thira), Greece, Caldera

Santorini (Thera, Thira), Greece, Volcano

Pico de Teide as seen from the Orotava valley, Canary Islands, Spain



Southwest Volcano Research Centre

An excellent site with recent images of volcanoes and eruptions with links worldwide.


From Nasa a series of images of volcanoes and volcanic areas from space, with descriptions:

Central Java, Indonesia

Colima Volcano, Jalisco, Mexico

Craters of the Moon, Idaho

Erta Ale Volcanoe, Ethiopia

Galapagos, Isabella Island

Galeras Volcano, Southern Colombia

Isla Isabella, Galapagos Islands

Kamchatka, Russia

Karisoke, Central Africa

Karisoke, Central Africa

Kliuchevskoi Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia

Kliuchevskoi Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia

Kilauea, Hawaii

Mammoth Mountain, Long Valley, California

Mauna Loa Volcano, The Big Island of Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Mt. Etna Volcano, Sicily, Italy

Mt. Pinatubo, The Philippines

Mt. Pinatubo, The Philippines

Mt. Rainier, Washington State

North Ecuador Volcanoes in the Andes Mountains

Pinacate Volcanic Field, Mexico

Sakura-Jima Volcano, Kyushu, Japan

Taal Volcano, Luzon Island, Philippines

Teide Volcano, Tenerife Island, Canary Islands

Rabaul Volcano, New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea

Ruiz Volcano

Unzen Volcano, West Coast of Kyushu Island, Japan

Vesuvias, Italy

Volcanic Island of Reunion, East of Madagascar

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