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This page provides some of the best sites that include free homework information, lectures and tutorials for students of all ages. Other pages of Geologyshop provide links to specific topics. For geological definitions try the Dictionaries page or the Encyclopedia page, or surf the main geological Link (internet directories) sites to find the information required.

If you need some guidance on using the internet to complete your work visit PSIgate where you can find a free "teach yourself" tutorial on Internet information skills for earth scientists. Alternatively visit Earth Online which also provides an Internet guide for Earth Scientists.

For free Dino handouts to print.

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Educational Sites
The Virtual Geosciences Professor **** (1)
Provides an organised structure with descriptions and links. Perhaps the best starting point for educational material on the www.
The Virtual Classroom **** (2)
Physical geology notes from around the world plus virtual field trips and much more.
Neill's Geology for Kids **** (3)
A cool site for kids with loads of practical information and images.
Historical Geology Online **** (4)
Ouline lecture texts for general geology topics with figures and links inclusive: Introduction to Historical Geology, Age of the Earth, Radiometric Dating, Sandstone Interpretation, Carbonate Rock Interpretation, Facies, Transgressions, Regressions, and Walther's Law, Sedimentary Structures and Stratigraphic Features, Fossils, Evolution, Plate Tectonics, Origin of the Earth, Precambrian, Cambrian, Fossils of the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale,Ordovician, Silurian,Devonian, Carboniferous (Mississippian and Pennsylvanian), Permian, Early Mesozoic (Triassic-Jurassic),Early Mesozoic (Triassic-Jurassic), Dinosaurs,Cretaceous,Cenozoic. From Dr. P. Gore of Georgia Perimeter College.
Historical Geology Online **** (5)
General geology online laboratory manual with teaching excercises with excellent text and images. From Dr. P. Gore of Georgia Perimeter College.
Plate Tectonics **** (6)
From Prof. J.Tarney of Leicester University. Lectures on Mantle Topology & Mineralogy, Mid-Ocean Ridge, Rifting and Wilson Cycle, Extension & Sedimentary Basins, Subduction and Island Arcs, Active Margins & Accretion, Plumes & plateaus, Collision; plate tectonics & Earth evolution.
Dinosaurs & the History Of Life **** (7)
(go to syllabus & lecture notes)
Detailed lectures on the history of life on Earth with figures and images. A total of 24 lectures. A major educational resource from Colombia University inclusive:
Why do Dinosaurs Matter? , Unraveling Geological Time, The Discovery of Dinosaurs, The Process of Evolution, Inferring the Relationships of Organisms - Cladistics, The First 3.7 Billion Yrs, Earth's Cycles, The end of the Permian and the Major Groups of Tetrapods, The Triassic World and the Origin of Dinosaurs, Great Triassic Assemblages Mass Extinction at the Beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs ?, The Lias , Newark, Glen Canyon, and Stormberg Assemblages, The Real Jurassic Park - Morisson and Tendaguru, Birds ARE Dinosaurs!, The Early Cretaceous - Europe, the Cloverly Formation, Montana, Mongolia and North China, The Late Cretaceous I - Mongolia, The Late Cretaceous II - South America, Two Medicine and Judith River, Eastern US , and Hell Creek, Hot Blooded Dinosaurs?,The Impact Theory of Mass Extinction, Cenozoic, the Evolution of Humans, and our Present Condition
Volcanoes **** (8)
Lessons from Volcano World inclusive a Teacher's Guide to the Geology of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, building models and much more.
Education & Outreach **** (9)
Highlights information helpful for education, students and the public. U.S.G.S. source of environmental facts, fact sheets and circulars.
Terraweb for Kids **** (10)
Lots of cool stuff to check out from the U.S.G.S.
EarthTrips *** (11)
Discover the raw information of Earth Science from field exploration with excellent images, maps and links. Also, access to images of a major fossil collection. Incomplete site as yet but will be **** on completion.
Seismology at the Science Fair *** (12)
Includes resources for teachers and geological activities for all ages, from the U.S.G.S..
The Institute of Petroleum *** (13)
Training and education links worldwide.
Awesome Library*** (14)
Go to the Earth Science section. Classroom, science and earth science links of interest to teachers, particularly maps and plate tectonics. With links to lesson plans and materials.
Strange Science *** (15)
Useful for its biographies of scientists plus a timeline of major scientific discoveries and goof gallery!
Fossil Park *** (16)
A general fossil site with excellent images and descriptions from Mine City in Japan. Includes a fossil school. In English and Japanese. Interesting site which uses this fossil information to advertise land for sale!
Knowhere *** (17)

Site that explains crystal structure with good figures.

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