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The following sites are more general link sites. If you are searching for a specialist subject link site please refer to the individual subject pages.

PSIgate ***** (1)
The main internet gateway for Earth Scientists in the UK is government funded and run by a consortium of university libraries in Manchester. Sites are all reviewed for quality before inclusion.
Websurfers Biweekly Earth Science Review ***** (2)
Detailed reviews of new sites with more than 2000 hypertext links organised by subject with an educator's resources page. Probably the best geo link web site.
American Geophysical Union ***** (3)
Includes comprehensive links to Earth Science sites worldwide.
Geoscience Internet Links **** (4)
One of the most comprehensive link sites for professional organisations, journals, museums etc; particularly for non US links.
Boggy's Geology Links **** (5)
Good all-round geological link site with a particularly detailed subject index which includes topics from brachiopds to turbidites and much more. Particularly useful for university students. Over 500 links
Inside Geology **** (6)
An excellent educational site specialising in topical lectures, references, new items and more.
Earth Science Metasites **** (7)
Link to link sites. Particularly useful as it includes links to the major Search Engine's earthscience directories such as Lycos's 'Top 5% Earth Science sites'.
Earth/Geoscience Information on the www ****
From the Illinois State Geological Survey, a comprehensive list organised by subject.
Geology Web Links **** (9)
Organised by subject with an economic geology bias.
Geo Web Index **** (10)
Organised by subject with academic and commercial links.
Earth Online **** (11)
An internet gateway for Earth sciences that includes articles on the use of the internet in finding resources as well as numerous links.
Geoscience www Directory **** (12)
A general geoscience directory.
Earth & Environmental Science *** (13)
A registry provided by the U.S.G.S. as a service to the research community.
Geology Central *** (14)
Virtual geology field trips and other links organised by subject.
Earth Science: Internet Resources *** (15)
A UK based earth science link site.
The Geobio-links *** (16)
With a fossil bias, good for European educational links.
Links of Interest in Earth Science *** (17)
Organised by subject with a water bias.
LW's Geo Site *** (18)
Specifically for amateur geologists this site provides 1500 links with a Swedish bias.
BelGeol *** (19)
Belguim Geology Resources includes many links both within Belguim and worldwide.
General Geology Links ** (20)
Organised by subject ** (21)
Link site organised by subject.

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