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A portfolio of some of the best websites worldwide on individual fossil groups, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to general fossil sites, and sites on evolution and stratigraphy.

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General Sites
Taxon Lift *****
Well organised basic introductory descriptions of most groups of fossil organisms. Covers their fossil record, ecology, systematics and morphology. From UCMP.
Learning from the fossil record ***
Excellent starting point from UCMP.
World Paleontological Society ****
One of the largest worldwide collections of fossil images on the www. With Palaeozoic, Jurassic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic collections.

Virtual Silurian Reef ****
Distribution of Silurian reefs, reef organisms, biodiversity and in the field.
Fossils of the Sydney Basin ***
Fact sheets on Frogs, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Fish and other marine animals, Insects, Spiders, Marine and other invertebrates, and Dinosaurs.
Albian of Kent ***
Fossils of the Gault Clay and Folkestone Beds, of mid-Cretaceous age. Inclusive ammonites and bivalves.
Eocene of Kent ***
London Clay, Lower Eocene fossils from the Isle of Sheppey.
British fossil fauna and flora ***
From trilobites to ammonites with some images.
Fossils from the jura of Solnhofen, Germany ***
The famous location of the Archaeopteryx, with crustacea, insects and fish.
Japanese Fossils ***
Fossils of Permian to Pleistocene age.
Ice Ages ***
Mammoths, sabre tooth cats and associated flora and fauna.
Mazon Creek Fossils ***
Plants and animals from the Carboniferous of Illinois inclusive shrimps, crabs, bivalves, jellyfish, fish, worms and insects.
Hall of Florida Fossils ***
Mainly Tertiary fossils from the Florida Museum of Natural History.
Fossils of the Late Miocene ***
Shark teeth, fish teeth, invertebrates, mammal teeth and bones from California.
Fossils of Rancho La Brea ***
The famous tar pits with extensive collection of fossil mammals.
Eocene fossils ***
From Colorado, inclusive images of Coleoptera, Diptera and other misc fossils inclusive flora.
Nashville Fossils ***

Ordovician brachiopods, sponges, corals, bryozoa, bivalves and cephalopods.
Hagerman Fossil Beds ***
Idaho, plants and animals which represent the last glimpse of time that existed before the Ice Age, and the earliest appearances of modern flora and fauna. Famous for horses.
Ancient Life Found in Kansas Rocks ***
An Introduction to Common Kansas Fossils; Plants, Fusulinids, Sponges, Corals, Bryozoans, Brachiopods, Molluscs, Arthropods-Trilobites, Echinoids, Crinoids, Fish and Sharks, Reptiles and Mammals.
Fossils of Kentucky ***
Common Animal and Plant Fossils of Louisiana ***
Plant Fossils, Invertebrate Fossils and Vertebrate Fossils.
Texas Fossils ***

Lower Cretaceous gastropods, echinoids, bivalves and corals.
Ashfall Fossil Beds ***
10 million years ago, hundreds of rhinos, three-toed horses, camels and other animals died and were buried by volcanic ash around the edges of a watering hole.
Fossils in Counties of Maryland **
Trilobites, sharks teeth, dinosaurs, molluscs, plants and brachiopods.
Burgess Shale fossils **
A selection of images with short text.
Lee Creek aka Aurora **
A Neogene Fauna from North Carolina. Sharks.
Silurian fossils **
Excellent images of trilobites, cystoids and starfish.
Hogtown Creek Fossils **
Sharks, rays and echinoids from the Tertiary with species lists.
Utah Eocene Fossil Insects and Plants **
With images.

Ammonites & other Cephalopods
Ammonites of Wissant ***
Images, plus the stratigraphy, evolution and palaeoecology of ammonites from one of the classic Albian field locations.
Cephalopods of Utah ***
Images of ammonites and other cephalopods of Ordovician to Cretaceous in age.
Ammonites ***
Images of mainly French ammonites of Triassic to Cretaceous in age.
Ammonites ***
40+ images on N. American and worldwide Late cretaceous ammonites.
Fossil Cephalopods FAQ **
Brief summary of cephalopod evolution and palaeoecology.
Index of Ammonites **
A limited number of good images.
Fossil Nautiloidea page **
Detailed discussion with links.
Ammonites **
Ammonites from the Cretaceous of Vancouver.
Cretaceous Ammonites ***
From France and Yorkshire. In French.
Ammonites-Mass Occurrence **
Alpine Lower Cretaceous of Austria.
Ammonites ***
From Union Wash, California.
Ammonites ***
Basic information about their mode of live, stratigraphy, evolution and extinction.
Ammonites **
From Hokkaido, Japan.
Ammonites from Northern Germany ***
Slow loading but with a lot of images. In German.

Nevada **

Ammonites And Brachiopods In Elko County, Nevada

Arachnid Origins and Evolution**
All about spiders, sea spiders, horseshoe crabs etc.

World Brach Net ***
Detailed taxonomy and evolution of Brachiopods worldwide. With links.
Brachiophiles **
Site devoted to Palaeozoic Brachiopods with images and links.
British Brachiopods **
With a glossary, key and images of British Brachiopods.
Brachiopod fossils from Kentucky **
With images.
Brachiopoda **
Morphology, classification and ecology.
Brachiopods Online **
All about Brachiopods.
Brachiopods ***
All about Brachiopods, with images, in French.

Nevada **

Ammonites And Brachiopods In Elko County, Nevada

A hidden world of Conodonts **
A good introduction to this subject.

Corals & Sponges
Rugose & Tabulate Corals **
Classification, taxonomy, brief descriptions and images of fossil corals.
Porifera and Cnidaria ***
Classification, ecology etc with links and references.
Rugosa **
Classification etc. with links.

Echinoid gallery **
Excellent images.

The fish out of time ***
The coelacanth, perhaps the most famous 'living fossil.'

Big G **
British & Irish group. Basic info and images.
Graptolite Showcase ***
Mainly from Norway. With images.
Les Graptolites **
Belgium. With images.

Moffat **

Dobb's Linn, Geology, Graptolites

Fossil horses in cyberspace ***
From the Florida Museum of Natural History


Nevada **

Fossil Plants And Insects At Bull Run, Nevada

Nevada **

Fossil Leaves And An Insect From Stewart Valley, Nevada

Micropalaeontology ***
Link site for Foraminfera, Ostracods, Coccoliths and more.

Plant Fossils
Plant Fossil Record ****
Includes a database of over 10,000 genera, plus Palaeomaps and much more.
Plant Fossils of West Virginia ***
Includes excellent plant fossil images plus information on the general geology of Pennsylvania, plus links.
Geosites for Palaeozoic Palaeobotany **
Summaries of 40 globally significant field localities for Palaeozoic Palaeobotany.
Links for Palaeobotany **
With a Triassic bias.
Petrified Wood From Western Washington **
A guide
Plant fossils of W. Virginia **
Plant fossils of the Pennsylvanian Period.

Bournemouth Cliffs **

Geology, with Leaf Beds

Lulworth Area **

Pt. 2 - Fossil Forest

Solent **

Geology - Submerged Forest

Arizona **

Petrified forest national park

Nevada **

Fossil Plants And Insects At Bull Run, Nevada

Nevada **

Field Trip To The Copper Basin Fossil Flora

Nevada **

Fossil Leaves And An Insect From Stewart Valley, Nevada


Trace Fossils
Trace Fossil Image Database ***
Scores of images with brief descriptions.
Introduction to Ichnology ***
The study of trace fossils explained with images.

A guide to the Orders of Trilobites ***
Excellent, well structured site with everything you need to know about trilobites. Includes fact sheets, FAQ's and detailed taxonomy with superb images. The only Trilobite site you need?
Kevin's Trilobite home page ***
Includes images and links worldwide with a listing of trilobite images on the www plus anything trilobite related.
Trilobites and their Evoloution ***
A good general introduction to the subject.
Trilobite Gallery ***
Mainly of value for the scores of images of Trilobites; from Sweden.
The attic of Trilobites ***
Numerous large images.
Czec Trilobites ***
Cambrian to Devonian.
Among my Trilobites ***
A large number of images.
Ordovician Trilobites of Brittany **
Slow loading.
Lower Cambrian Trilobites from the Inyo-White Mountains, E. California **
From UCLA with 13 images.
Oklahoma **
Trilobites images and sites.
Trilobites **
Emuella for S. Australia.
The Paleozoic Fossils of Ontario **
Ordovician and Silurian trilobites.
The Semi-Compleat Trilobite **
A simple site with 30+ images of Cambrian to Devonian in age.
Trilobites from Wenlock **
For sale, but with lots of good images.
Trilobites ***
All about their classification, morphology and ecology.
Whale Fossil found in Chula Vista **
Brief discussion with images. California. 

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