A portfolio of 20 of the best websites worldwide on dinosaurs, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to sites on other fossil groups, evolution and stratigraphy.

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Choice: Educational Sites; Research Sites; Link Sites; Other Sites


Educational Sites
Walking with Dinosaurs ***** (1)
Fantastic educational site based on the much acclaimed BBC TV. series with lots to interest people of all ages. In the author's opinion the best dino site. If you go to the main BBC index the full address should read http://www.bbc.co.uk/dinosaurs/index.shtml.
Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette **** (2)
The very popular free dino magazine which contains masses of cool stuff on dinos.
Dinorama **** (3)
Excellent detailed presentation of selective dino topics. Great images as you would expect from National Geographic.
Dinosauria Online **** (4)
A broad review of dinosaur science with discussions of the hot topics of today, plus plenty of links to other sites.
Zoom Dinosaurs **** (5)
An on-line hypertext book for students of all ages which includes lots of dino pictures to print.
Discovering Dinosaurs **** (6)
Presents the dinosaur debate in a totally different way. By showing how the theories on dinosaurs changed from Darwin's time to the present day it provides an invaluable illustration of how scientific knowledge evolves with time.
New Scientist, The Rex Files *** (7)
Many articles on dinos worth a read.
Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction *** (8)
Lecture text which presents a balanced view of this mass extinction which occurred at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary and was partly responsible for the final extinction of the dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs: Gradual Extinction and Climate Change *** (9)
A balanced discussion of the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction with evidence for more gradual extinction.
Dinosaur Extinction Page *** (10)
Concentrates on the impact theory of this mass extinction event, plus interesting tabular data estimating the frequency of 'objects' crossing the Earth's orbital path and the 'frequency of impactors' on Earth.
Discovery Channel Online, Fossil Zone *** (11)
Lots of interesting articles to explore plus reconstructions of dino sounds and motion, and the largest dinosaur ever?
Discovery Channel Online, Dinosaurs in the Dunes *** (12)
Pictures from the dino expedition to the Gobi Desert.
The Age of Dinosaurs *** (13)
Dinosaur and related topic lecture text outlines.

Research Sites
Dino Directory ***** (14)
A major database of dinosaurs and other contemporaneous lifeforms, with details and images of each type. From the NHM, London.
Dinobase **** (15)
Major database of dino research data. Also has a wider educational value as it attempts to answer many of the basic questions.
Dinosaur Reference Center *** (16)
In depth information about dinosaurs and the world they lived in.
Dinosauricon *** (17)
Much of this site is still 'under construction,' but it is still worth visiting as it contains lots of details on dino species and how they evolved through time, plus very useful palaeogeographic reconstructions of the Earth's continents through time.

Link Sites
Dino Russ' Lair **** (18)
Mostly significant for providing worldwide links on dino subjects as diverse as Art, Eggs, Software and Exhibits.
Dinosaurs in Cyberspace **** (19)
Links to every sort of dino site on the www.
Journal of Dinosaur Palaeontology *** (20)
Links to masses of articles on the latest dino research.
Dinosaur Illustrations *** (21)
A very comprehensive set of illustrations with links to their source sites.
Dinosaur Links *** (22)
Regularly updated worldwide links.

Other sites of interest
ScienceNet-Dinosaurs, A simple site presenting answers to the often asked dino questions such as 'Where were the first discoveries of dinosaurs made?'
Desert Dinosaurs , Describes the basics of hunting for dinosaur fossils with a list of USA sites.
Dinosaur Extinction, Summary of the Volcano-Greenhouse theory.
Dinosaurs, Data summaries/links for busy teachers.

South Africa, The first Dinosaur fossil discovered in South Africa: The Stegosaur Paranthodon africanus
South Africa, Sudwala Dinosaur Park
Isle of Wight, Geology, Dinosaur collecting
Yorksire's Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs
Colorado, Guide to the Dinosaurs of Colorado
Connecticut, Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill Connecticut
Connecticut, Age of dinosaurs field trip.
Texas, Central, Lower Cretaceous Dinosaur Trackways



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