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Virtual field guides and regional geology of Europe: Alps, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine. Links to the sites with data describing the local geology of areas throughout Europe

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Not only is fieldwork an essential part of the training of any geologist, it can also be fun for the family. The collecting of fossils can easily distract even the youngest of children for several hours. However, the safety aspects must be emphasised as many people get severely injured or killed around our coastlines and cliffs every year. Some particular hazards include:

Unstable cliff tops; Rocks falling from cliffs or mountains

Rising tides; Large waves

It is also important to remember that the locations are not an infinite resource and should be treated in a manner that will allow future generations to have access to them.

The following sites give details regarding safety and fieldwork codes. These are UK guides, the first two of which are relevant worldwide.

Safety during Fieldwork - Including references

An introduction to Field Mapping

Geological Fieldwork Code

European Links

The sites listed have been restricted to those with a significant geological content.

The Virtual Field Guides


Alps, The

Alpine Notes, A general guide with maps and photos.

Carpathian Mountains, Fold and thrust belt.

French Alps, Geological interpretation

Prealpes Medianes, Paleotectonics and Sedimentology

Chartreuse massif, Subalps, with a faulted syncline picked out by the Urgonian limestone.


Ardennes, Virtual geology tour

Belgeol, Belgium geological links


Ilomantsi, eastern Finland, Geological development, gold mineralization and exploration methods in the late Archean Hattu schist belt.

Finland, Diamond Potential of Finland: Summary

Finland, Geomorphology of Finland

Finland, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Kimberlites and Related Rocks from Finland

Gold in Finland

Finland, Norway and the USA, Proterozoic stratigraphy and sedimentology case histories

Finland, Norway, the Scandinavian mineral gallery


Provence, The South-East of France: Regional Geology

Armoricain Massif, Geology and mineralogy of the west part of France (in French).

The French Channel Coast, Regional information.

Limay et Guerville, Les fossiles de

France, Fossils and stratigraphy of over 20 sites (in French)

France, Geology of from the BRGM, data available

Montagne Noire, Géologie de la, southern France (in French)

Morvan, Massif Central, Geology of

Reims, Documents pédagogiques pour une étude du paléogène de la région de Reims (in French)

Lorraine, Les Environnements Coralliens de L'Oxfordien

France, Fossil localities throughout France with excellent images

Pyrénées-Orientales, Le sentier géologique de Montbolo pour découvrir les roches des , (in French) (southern France)

bassin de Paris, Les fossiles du

Links, Geology of France in both English and French

Le massif de la Clape / Sommaire (in French) (southern France)

Brittany, Ordovician Trilobites

Dauphine and Provence Alps, France, Comparative Stratigraphy of Liassic Sediments


des Harzes, Die Geologisch-strukturellen Einheiten (in German)

Links, to geological sites in Germany


A Virtual Geological Field Trip to Iceland, 17 localities, geology plus glaciers and landforms

Southern Iceland, Iceland geological map and numerous field localities


Capri, A brief geology of the island


Dingle Peninsula, Geology & Beaches

Bantry to Killarney, Structural und metamorphic evolution along a geological profile SW Ireland

Connemara, Field Trip


Tørdal, Telemark, Bazzite from a pegmatite, South Norway

Oppdal area, Tectonics, central Norway

Vinstra, Oppland, An epitaxy of rutile on hematite, Norway

Ås, The Quaternary Geology of , southeastern Norway

Bear Island, Geology of , Norway

Svalbard, Geology of , Norway

Oppland, The Grua Mining District, , Norway

Oppland Flyke, The minerals in the Miaroles of Granites/Syenites, near Harestua

Geologien i Oppdal

Links, Geology in Norway

Norway, Minerals and rocks

Norway, Minerals and localities

Driva Kro og Steinsenter

The geology of Svalbard

Skjækerdalen, gabbroic intrusive complex, central Norway, mineralogy, petrogenesis and emplacement history

Norway, Synchysite, Mineralogy

Byrud, Norway, Emerald Mines

Evje/Iveland, Pegmatite District

Snarum, Modum, Buskerud, Norway, Magnesite Quarries


Valongo, East of Oporto, General geological characteristics of




Soroki, Economic gold mineralisation of the Soroki greenstone belt