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AA portfolio of some of the best Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering websites worldwide.
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50 of the best worldwide links for hydropower, dams and tunnels (select useful links)
Dam inspection sevice, UK and overseas
  One of the main sites for geological information worldwide . This is one of over 50 link pages plus there are many original articles. Try our site specific SEARCH ENGINE to find the information you want or go to our MAIN INDEX page. Or try our site specific ORIGINAL articles, FREE geological stuff, or use our HOMEWORK AND TUTORIAL GUIDE .



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Choice: Educational; Link Sites; Other Sites of Interest


Educational Sites
US Army ***** (1)
From the Corps of Engineers, one of the largest collection of published literature to download including geological, geotechnical, rock mechanics and hydrologic publications.
NISEE **** (2)
US national information service for Earthquake Engineering includes a database of world literature, plus selected papers, images of faults, recent research and much more.
Rocscience **** (3)
Includes a free download of a set of notes by Dr. Hoek entitled Practical Rock Engineering. Major reference text.
ICE **** (4)
The Institute of Civil Engineers site provides news, publications and links, inclusive links to many online journals (subscription) published by Thomas Telford, plus lots of briefing sheets to download free..
Virtual Library of Geotechnical Engineering *** (5)
One of the most comprehensive libraries of Internet resources about Geotechnical Engineering.
Internet Geotechnical Engineering Magazine *** (6)
Packed with useful information and links for the Geotechnical Engineer.
Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering *** (7)
An annual online journal with worldwide contributions.
Landslides in Japan *** (8)
Informative text with figs and images.
Dam Geology *** (9)
With questions and answers. Good text with lots of links to related sites.
Engineering Geology Cases *** (10)
Case histories from large dam constructions with many links to associated sites.
The Kobe Earthquake *** (11)
Summary report with excellent images of damage.
Engineering Geology Field Manual *** (12)
Online copy from the U.S. Department of the Interior 
AEG's Professional Practice Handbook *** (13)
For engineering geologists.
Geotechnical Engineering Publications *** (14)
From the US department of transportation. Many pdf files of reports to download but very slow.
Subject areas include: Drilled Shafts, Expansive Soils, Frost Action, Geosynthetics, Ground Improvement, Grouting Permanent Ground Anchors, Pile Foundations, Reinforced Soil Structures, Retaining Walls, Rock Slopes, Seismic Design, Shale Slope & Embankment Stability, Soil Compaction & Stabilization, Spread Footings, Structural Foundations, Subsurface Exploration, Tunneling

Link Sites
Edinburgh Engineerining Virtual Library **** (15)
The main UK link site for Engineering Geology.

Virtual Library for Civil Engineering **** (16)

Includes a major database with Educational links, Commercial links and Organization links. Based at Georgia Tech, USA.

Earthshaper, Civil Engineering Portal**** (17)

A collaboration of ASCE and ICE. It is a gateway into the Internet for civil engineers worldwide.

The Civil Engineering Web Directory ****(18)

A portal specially designed for civil engineering professionals and students.

The 125 Top Projects *** (19)

Includes tunnels and dams with factual data.

Dam-Related Websites *** (20 A comprehensive USA based listing, mainly N. American but also some International links.
Links for Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering *** (21)
Comprehensive specialist link site.
Software Directory *** (22)
A link site to specialist geotechnical and geoenvironmental software.
Geotechnical Directory *** (23)
Engineering Geology and Dam Links ** (24)
Mainly US Dam links. 

Other sites of interest
Taiwan Earthquake 1999
A preliminary report of this disaster with excellent photos of damage and faulting.

A Geotechnical Disaster, St. Francis dam
At three minutes before midnight March 12, 1928, the St. Francis dam catastrophically failed.
Life along the Faultline
Webcasts, videos, images and information about earthquakes and engineering in California.
Engineering Geology Field Manual
Online copy from the U.S. Department of the Interior. 
AEG's Professional Practice Handbook
For engineering geologists.
Software Directory
A link site to specialist geotechnical and geoenvironmental software.
Engineering Geology of western Colorado
Includes Dams and Reservoirs and Mines and Mine Reclamations Projects.
Environmental and Engineering Geology
With links to websites on Erosion, Floods and Flooding, Hydrology and Landslides from the Illinois State Geological Survey.
Tioram Conservation Project, Scotland
Rock discontinuity survey.From Ove Arup & Partners Scotland and ARP Lorimer & Associates.
Geotechnical Engineer's Calendar
Conferences and meetings.
Geotechnical Videos
International Journal of Hydropower and dams
The World Atlas & Industry Guide is a unique and essential reference source for the industry on water resources development worldwide. All subscribers receive a copy of this comprehensive guide to the status of the worlds hydropower and dams. The online Industry Guide allows you to register your company online for free. This guide is a major resource for companies involved in hydropower and dams.
Facts about hydropower
Worldwide statistics about hydropower generation and reservoir usage.
Grand Ditch and Poudre Pass Mosaic, Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado.
Landslide in Sweden
"Skredet i Vagnhärad", The Landslide of May 23, 1997.
British Tunnelling Society
Includes downloadable newsletters, events list and membership details.
World's longest tunnel page
Includes construction information on tunnels worldwide including the latest project news (current and future).
Sponsored by Tunnel Business Magazine. Includes news, buyer's guide, a monthly feature, events, associations and a photo gallery.
Includes project news and a professional advice section, plus a directory of suppliers.
Channel Tunnel facts
Facts plus a history leading up to the construction.
Norwegian Tunnelling Technology
A research project.
A short history of tunnelling
Tunnels in Switzerland
World Tunnelling Diary

USGS Reports
The main resource for information on landslides, rockslides, rockfalls and other hazards, mainly in the USA, but also worldwide. Selected reports:
01-119 Assessment of Landslide Hazards Resulting from the February 13, 2001, El Salvador Earthquake
01-146 A Debris Avalanche at Forest Falls, San Bernardino County, California, July 11, 1999

01-413 Borehole, Surface Geologic, and Geotechnical Data for the Aspen Grove Landslide, Sanpete County, Utah [WEB ONLY]
00-450 National Landslide Hazards Mitigation Strategy: A Framework for Loss Reduction
00-469 Preliminary Methods for Anticipating the Occurrence of Precipitation-Induced Landslides in Seattle, Washington  
99-0578 Rock-fall Potential in the Yosemite Valley, California
98-0113 A Method for Producing Digital Probabilistic Seismic Landslide Hazard Maps: An Example from the Los Angeles, California
96-0677 Rockslide-Debris Avalanche of May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens Volcano, Washington


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