A portfolio of 20 of the best websites worldwide on earthquakes, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to related sites on plate tectonics and natural disasters.

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Choice: Educational Sites; Link Sites; Other Sites of Interest
Educational Sites
National Earthquake Information Center **** (1)
Includes 'near real time earthquake list.' plus masses of seismic information both from the U.S. and worldwide courtesy of the U.S.G.S..
Earthquakes in Southern California **** (2)
Includes some excellent maps of fault locations,epicenters, depth of hypocenter and much more.

 San Andreas and associated faults looking northwards towards San Francisco and the Bay area.For free images to download click on the map.
Earthquakes *** (3)
From the B.G.S. this site includes UK earthquake data, answers to commonly asked questions about earthquakes, links, and much more.
Discovery Online *** (4)
Some cool visuals including one illustrating how plate tectonics have affected the coast of California; plus Greatest Hits, Live Quakes and much more.
The Worldwide Earthquake Locator *** (5)
Includes updated location maps of the world's latest earthquakes and discusses many of the often asked questions.
Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program ***
Includes global seismic hazard map, plus regional maps, plus lots of reports and other information. Worth a visit even though it closed in 1998.
Understanding Earthquakes *** (7)
Includes some excellent images with basic text and educational links.
Earthquakes. The Ground truth *** (8)
A good general educational text on earthquakes.
Earthquake Research Institute *** (9)
Includes recent worldwide earthquakes with selected more detailed geological interpretations, such as text and maps of the 1999 Taiwan earthquake. From the University of Tokyo.
Major Earthquakes in Taiwan *** (10)
U.S.G.S. location map, text and table of earthquake data from Taiwan.
Seismological Laboratory ** (11)
Includes access to their preprint collection plus research links.
Plate Tectonics, the cause of Earthquakes ** (12)
One lecture of a series which explains the cause of earthquakes and includes some excellent images.
Richter Magnitude ** (13)
Lecture text explaining the Richter Scale which is used for describing the intensity of an earthquake.
Mercalli Scale ** (14)
Lecture text explaining the modified Mercalli Scale of earthquake intensity.

Link Sites
Earthquake Links *** (15)
Good link site to all types of earthquake data.
Surfing the Internet for Earthquake Data *** (16)
Major listing of seismic research sites plus other data.
Geophysical Organisations *** (17)
Links to geophysical organisations worldwide.

Other sites of interest
Discovering Earthquakes ** (18)
Outline text of a possible short course on earthquakes.
USGS: Earthquakes ** (19)
Excellent basic descriptive text.
Table-Top Earthquakes ** (20)
How to build and operate an 'earthquake machine.'

Worldwide field evidence

UK earthquakes, a summary
Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program, Europe-Africa-Middle East

Izmit, Turkey: Introduction and Damage Survey

China, Seismic hazard map

Tangshan, earthquake of 1976

Kobe, earthquake effects

Kobe, earthquake images

The Geology of Japan: Earthquakes

Taiwan , U.S.G.S. location map, text and table of earthquake data from Taiwan.

GNS, Seismological Observatory

California, Santa Cruz, 1989 earthquake, engineering impact
British Colombia, Victoria, Earthquake hazard maps



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