Evolution and the fossil record

A portfolio of some of the best websites worldwide on evolution based on the fossil record, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to general fossil sites.

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Choice: Educational Sites; Link Sites; Other Sites of Interest

Educational Sites
The Origin of the Species ***** (1)
The book by Charles Darwin online. A must for those interested in the subject.
The Tree of Life Project **** (2)
This major project attempts to link information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history and characteristics together in the form of an evolutionary tree. It includes explanations and alternative views.
Introduction to Phylogeny **** (3)
Superb educational site which summarises history and diversity of life on Earth with text, tables and images.
Enter Evolution *** (4)
The evolution of the theory of evolution! Includes early Dinosaur discoveries. Well researched.
BBC Evolution Website *** (5)
Short summaries of Darwin and his legacy, plus life on Earth and extinction files.
The Cambrian Explosion of Life on Earth *** (6)
Excellent text and images, with a discussion of evolution in relation to the explosion of life in the Cambrian. From Thinkquest.
The Dawn of Animal Life *** (7)
Travel 3 billion years into the past and follow the evolution of the earliest life on Earth. Data from the Pre-Cambrian rocks of Canada. Excellent images and links.
A history of Palaeozoic Forests *** (8)
The earliest, plants, trees and forests and how they evolved in the Palaeozoic. With good images, references and links.
Oxygen rich atmosphere... ** (9)
A brief account of the oxygen-rich atmosphere of our ancient world may have resulted in the evolution of gigantic insects.

Link Sites
The Talk Origins Archive **** (10)
The creation/evolution debate appears to be alive and kicking in the USA over a century after Darwin. Hugely important educational site with links and bibliography to both sides of the debate. Are the fundamentals of science strong enough to resist this attack? Assess for yourself.
Evolution ** (11)
Good link site for general evolutionary principles.
Evolution/Palaeontology ** (12)
Link site on general evolution, human evolution, palaeontology and primatology.

Other sites of interest
Life, Life Everywhere * * (13)
A provocative summary of some possible (?) origins of life.


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