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Educational Sites
U.S.G.S. ***** (1)
The main source of geological information on the www.
Geologylink **** (2)
One of the best general educational sites on the www and perhaps the best starting point.
Margins **** (3)
A description of the interplay of processes that govern the evolution of continental margins.
The Great Gallery **** (4)
Photos of the Earth from space.
Earthrise **** (5)
Photos taken of the Earth from space by astronauts.
Nova Online **** (6)
An introduction to climate change and ice ages.
Nineplanets **** (7)
Text and images describing the composition of the Earth and other Planets.
Dino Lectures **** (8)
A whole series of lectures about dinosaurs and related subjects.
Physical Geology *** (9)
An introduction to geology with lecture text, slides and links.
Earth's Interior *** (10)
Describes how we explore the interior of the Earth with good images.
Geologic Ages of the Earth *** (11)
A detailed time chart with images.
Earth *** (12)
Properties of the Earth and Planets.
Principles of Historical Geology *** (13)
An introduction to the evolution of a science.
Snowball Earth *** (14)
An introduction to the evolution of climate in the late Pre-Cambrian.
Angular Unconformity ** (15)
Describes one of the basic laws of geology. From the illustrated glossary of geological terminology.


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