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Note: Details of the Mesozoic are also included in many of the more general sites on stratigraphy, fossils and evolution.

Mesozoic Era *** (1)
Summary including timescale and details of life on Earth during this Era.
Channel Tunnel geology *** (2)
Detailed geology of the rocks the Channel Tunnel was excavated in.
Jurassic Cliffs *** (3)
Jurassic stratigraphy and fossils of the UK with excellent photos and figs of field locations, fossils and mineral specimens. Also tips on collecting fossils and safety in the field. Excellent general site.
Never Mind the Dinosaurs... *** (4)
A useful summary of Mesozoic life living alongside the dinosaurs.
Jurassic Reef Park *** (5)
Introduction to Jurassic reefs worldwide with images and maps.
Oceans of Kansas *** (6)
Specialises in Late Cretaceous Mososaurs but includes other marine life with lots of links and excellent maps and images.
Dinosaur Extinction: The Volcano-Greenhouse theory *** (7)
A useful summary of the mass extinction at the end of the Mesozoic.
The Lias *** (8)
Lecture text with excellent images on the early Mesozoic mass extinction.
Geology of Kent and the Boulonnais *** (9)
Detailed academic account with regional stratigraphic variations and marker fossil species.
Geology of the Mesozoic Era ** (10)
Summary lecture text of the main global and N. American events.
Early Cretaceous Tethyan Stratigraphy ** (11)
Summary of field sections and faunas. Under construction-will be ***.

Worldwide regional data

Texas, Austin Chalk Group, chalk stratigraphy and sedimentology

Texas, Austin area, Travis County, geology history, rock types and formations, faulting and a Cretaceous volcano.

Texas, Central, Lower Cretaceous Dinosaur Trackways

California, St. Patrick's Point, Mesozoic and Quaternary geology.

Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Jurassic carbonate sedimentology.

Lorraine, Les Environnements Coralliens de L'Oxfordien

Dauphine and Provence Alps, France, Comparative Stratigraphy of Liassic Sediments

Mesozoic Vertebrates from the Upper Blue Nile Gorge, Ethiopia

Bridport Area, Pt. 1 - Geology, West Bay (Low. & M. Jurassic)

Durlston Bay, Pt. 1 - Geology, Upper Purbeck Formation

Durlston Bay - Pt. 2 - Middle Purbeck

Durlston Bay - Pt. 3 - Lower Purbeck

Kimmeridge Clay -Geology, Fossils

Osmington - Geology, Pt. 1 - (U. Jurassic, Corallian) - Introduction

Osmington - Pt. 4 - Osmington Oolite

Purbeck Formation - Geology, Facies (Lower Cretaceous, lagoonal)

The Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay

Channel Tunnel Geology

Melton Ross, Geology of the Chalk Quarries

The Variegated Beds of the Welton Chalk Formation of North Lincolnshire

The Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay

Speeton Clay

The Geology of the Yorkshire Chalk


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