Minerals and mineralisation

A portfolio of some of the best websites worldwide on mineralogy, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to related sites on igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, and gemstones.

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Mineral Database **** (1)
From basic information to the most detailed text with images and links. This database claims to contain more than 5000 web pages of mineral data.
Web Mineral **** (2)
Classification of minerals plus excellent images and much more. From the B.R.G.M. (in french).
Minerals by Name **** (3)
Detailed description with images.
Bob's Rock Shop *** (4)
Introductory text on Crystallography and Mineral Crystal Systems with images.
Optical Mineralogy *** (5)
Research, teaching and fun! Detailed text.
Mineral Structure Data *** (6)
Very detailed database of crystallographic and physical property plus images.
Athena Mineralogy *** (7)
Lists of minerals, database, images and links.
Alphabetical Mineral List *** (8)
Chemical composition and basic description.
UK Minerals *** (9)
Details of the common UK minerals organised by region.
Knowhere *** (10)
Site that explains crystal structure with images.
Minerals under the Microscope ** (10)
Basic text on the identification of minerals under the microscope.
Interference Colour Chart ** (11)
Basic tool of Petrology.

Links for Mineralogists **** (12)
Links for all types of mineralogy and other rock data. One of the most comprehensive link sites for rock data.

Worldwide field guides
Nigeria, Geology and Mineral deposits
Indonesian Geology Resources, comprehensive guide
Mineral localities of Tasmania, mainland Australia, and New Zealand
Australia, Minerals and the mineral industry
Census of Australian and New Zealand Minerals
Ilomantsi, eastern Finland, Geological development, gold mineralization and exploration methods in the late Archean Hattu schist belt.
Finland, Diamond Potential of Finland: Summary
Finland, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Kimberlites and Related Rocks from Finland
Finland, Norway, the Scandinavian mineral gallery
Armoricain Massif, Geology and mineralogy of the west part of France (in French).
TÝrdal, Telemark, Bazzite from a pegmatite, South Norway
Vinstra, Oppland, An epitaxy of rutile on hematite, Norway
Oppland Flyke, The minerals in the Miaroles of Granites/Syenites, near Harestua
Norway, Minerals and rocks
Norway, Minerals and localities
Norway, Synchysite, Mineralogy
Soroki, Economic gold mineralisation of the Soroki greenstone belt
Cornwall, Devon & Somerset, Geology, Mines, Minerals and Fossils of Southwest England
Arkansas, Central Arkansas, Economic Geology and Mineralogy
Arkansas, Rockhounding comprehensive guide
Arizona, southeastern Arizona, field trip guide to Mineral and Environmental Investigations Project
Arizona, White Mountains, Copper mining, porphyry deposits.
Idaho, Latah County, Mineralogy
Iowa, General geology, fossils and minerals.
Kansas, Historical geology, fossils, minerals and landforms.
Wisconsin, Michegan, Midcontinent rift system, stratigraphy, structure and mineralisation
Virginia, West, The Formation of the West Virginia Hills and Its Wealth of Minerals



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