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United States Geological Survey ***** (1)
The U.S.G.S. is the main source for quality yet free geological data and images on the www. Excellent example to all surveys worldwide.
Lunar and Planetary Institute ***** (2)
Loads of information and images with teacher workshops and student programs. Possibly the best planetary site on the www.
Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette **** (3)
The very popular free dino magazine which contains masses of cool stuff on dinos.
Palaeontologica Electronica **** (4)
Online palaeontological journal with detailed articles and book reviews.
Savage Earth **** (5)
A good general introduction to the subject. Articles on volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis with excellent images and animations.
Volcano World **** (6)
Claims to be the premier site for volcano information and may well be. It is certainly extremely comprehensive and as the site includes its own search engine the information is also easily accessed. Includes features such as 'ask a volcanologist', 'kids door' and much, much more. If your time is limited and you are interested in the distribution of volcanoes worldwide, including those which may have been inactive for millions of years then this is one site not to miss.
National Earthquake Information Center ****
Includes 'near real time earthquake list.' plus masses of seismic information both from the U.S. and worldwide, courtesy of the U.S.G.S.
Fossil Hominids **** (8)
The Talk Origins Archive. A site aimed at refuting creationist claims. As such it includes a thorough summary of current evidence about human evolution plus a detailed section on recent developments.
Earthworks **** (9)
A comprehensive listing of Earth Science jobs updated several times daily.
American Natural History Museum *** (10)
Electronic newspaper with topical fossil news.
The Institute of Petroleum *** (11)
Training and education links worldwide.


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