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Choice: Educational Sites; Link Sites

Educational Sites
The Institute of Petroleum **** (1)
Includes a wealth of information on the petroleum industry. Basic information on topics such as 'Fossils into Fuels' and 'A young persons guide to Oil & Gas,' plus lots more educational material, plus links.
American Petroleum Institute **** (2)
A major resource centere for facts about oil & gas with educational links, FAQs, a history of oil and much more.
Online Catalog of Geological Data ****
Major catalogue of oilfield data inclusive well logs, seismic sections, maps, reports which are in the public domain and can be obtained for the cost of reprodution.
Indonesian Geology Resources **** (4)
With a keyword search, detailed text plus images and maps on the general geology and petroleum potential of Indonesia.
A Petroleum Prospecting Primer *** (5)
Chevron provide a basic description of the tools used in petroleum exploration.
Diagenesis & Reservoir Quality *** (6)
Text outlining mechanisms, new approaches, with references.
IBM Research *** (7)
Excellent 3D images of depth of maturation, porosity and much more. Shows how computer modelling can aid exploration.
Wessex Basin *** (8)
Details of the petroleum geology of this basin with maps & figs.

Link Sites
Global Oilfield & Petroleum Directory **** (9)
One of the main wordwide link sites for not only the petroleum industry.
Internet Resources **** (10)
A comprehensive list of over 600 links.
Offshore Technology **** (11)
A major link site for offshore professionals.
Petroleum Links *** (12)
A major link site for the industry.
Petroleum (Oil & Gas) *** (13)
Detailed reviews of petroleum related sites.
Links *** (14)
Petroleum Industry links.

Other sites of interest worldwide
Geology of the Middle East Oil Province
Outline of the geology of Saudi Arabia
South China Sea, non-exclusive, play-oriented tectonic interpretation of the South China Sea area
Central Asia, Geology and Petroleum Potential of Central Asia
California, oil fields at San Ardo and Coalinga
South Sumatra Basin Province: The Lahat/Talang Akar-Cenozoic Oilfield

01-152 Preliminary Compilation of Data for Selected Oil Test Wells in Northern California

00-320 Are We Running Out of Oil? [WEB ONLY]
99-0015 Selected Data from Eleven Wildcat Wells in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska
99-0050-A The Red Sea Basin Province; Sudr-Nubia(!) and Maqna(!) Petroleum Systems

99-0050-C The Santa Cruz-Tarija Province of Central South America; Los Monos-Machareti(!) Petroleum System
99-0050-D Ghaba Salt Basin Province and Fahud Salt Basin Province, Oman -- Geological Overview and Total Petroleum Systems
99-0050-E Total Petroleum Systems of the Northwest Shelf, Australia: The Dingo-Mungaroo/Barrow and the Locker-Mungaroo/Barrow
99-0050-G The Timan-Pechora Basin Province of Northwest Arctic Russia: Domanik - Paleozoic Total Petroleum System
99-0050-H The Niger Delta Petroleum System: Niger Delta Province, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea, Africa
99-0050-I A Total Petroleum System of the Browse Basin, Australia: Late Jurassic, Early Cretaceous-Mesozoic
99-0050-M Petroleum Systems of the Po Basin Province of Northern Italy and the Northern Adriatic Sea: Porto Garibaldi (Biogenic), Meride/Riva di Solto (Thermal), and Marnoso Arenacea (Thermal)
99-0050-N South and North Barents Triassic-Jurassic Total Petroleum System of the Russian Offshore Arctic
99-0050-O The North Sakhalin Neogene Total Petroleum System of Eastern Russia
99-0050-P Total Petroleum Systems of the Bonaparte Gulf Basin Area, Australia: Jurassic, Early Cretaceous-Mesozoic; Keyling, Hyland Bay-Permian; Milligans-Carbonaceous, Permian
99-0050-Q Petroleum System of the Gippsland Basin, Australia [WEB ONLY]
99-0050-R Petroleum Systems of the Northwest Java Province, Java and Offshore Southeast Sumatra, Indonesia
99-0050-S South Sumatra Basin Province, Indonesia: The Lahat/Talang Akar-Cenozoic Total Petroleum System
99-0050-Z World Petroleum Assessment 2000: Compiled PowerPoint ® Slides. Over 100 slides on the assessment of petroleum resources worldwide.
99-0301 Tertiary Coals in South Texas: Anomalous Cannel-Like Coals of Webb County (Claiborne Group, Eocene) and Lignites of Atascosa County (Jackson Group, Eocene) - Geologic Setting, Character, Source-rock and Coal-bed Methane Potential (Field Trip Guidebook, The 1999 AAPG Annual Convention Energy Minerals Division Field Trip # 15, April 14-15, 1999)
98-0034 The Oil and Gas Resource Potential of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 1002 Area, Alaska
98-0617 Organic geochemistry of oils from Oil Spring and Florence Oil Field near Cañon City, Colorado
97-0272 The Areal Extent of Continuous Type Gas Accumulations in Lower Silurian Clinton Sands and Medina Group Sandstones of the Appalachian Basin and the Environments Affected by their Development
97-0463 Ranking of the World's Oil and Gas Provinces by Known Petroleum Volumes
97-0470-A. Maps Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields and Geological Provinces of Africa 97-0470-B. Maps Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields and Geological Provinces of the Arabian Peninsula
97-0470-C. Maps Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields and Geological Provinces of South Asia
97-0470-D. Maps Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields and Geologic Provinces of the South America Region
97-0470-E. Maps Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields and Geologic Provinces of the Former Soviet Union
97-0470-F. Maps Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields and Geologic Provinces of the Asia Pacific Region
97-0470-G. Maps Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields and Geologic Provinces of Iran
95-0075 -C Areas of Historical Oil and Gas Exploration and Production in the Conterminous United States
92-409 Vitrinite Reflectance and Conodont Color Alteration Index Data from Alaska [Included with DDS-54.]
Circular 1118. The 1995 USA National Assessment of Oil and Gas Resources
Professional Paper 1582. Petroleum Geology of the State of Washington

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