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A portfolio of some of 20 of best websites worldwide on lunar and planetary geology, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to related sites on plate tectonics and volcanoes.

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Educational Sites; Link Sites; Other Sites of Interest


Educational Sites
Lunar and Planetary Institute ***** (1)
Loads of information and images with teacher workshops and student programs. Possibly the best planetary site on the www.
Planetary Geology **** (2)
Includes an educator's guide to geologic processes, impact craters, atmospheres, planetary surfaces and mapping, with hot topics and cool links. With loads of free teachers guides.
Exploring Planets in the Classroom **** (3)
An excellent well-structured educational site.
Planetary Geology Group **** (4)
Loads of educational material including a planetary guidebook, an electronic fieldtrip, press releases, databases and much more.
Nine Planets
**** (5)
An overview of current scientific knowledge with excellent images and links.
Regional Planetary Image Facility **** (6)
Access to images, documents and maps.
Planetary Geology *** (7)
Lots of information, images and animations featuring Mars volcanoes, plate tectonics and much more.
An overview of the Solar System *** (8)
A good basic overview with images.
The Antarctic Search for Meteorites
*** (9)
With frequently asked questions, why Antarctica, meteorite portraits and more.
Earth and Moon Viewer *** (10)
As the title says with good images.


Link Sites
Planetary Science *** (11)
Planetary geophysics links and many more.
Planetary Geology Resources ** (12)
Some useful links.


Other sites of interest
Planetary Fact Sheets *** (13)
Basic data.
What's New? ** (14)
In planetary science, plus useful links.
The Volcanoes of Mars**(15)
An insight into planetary volcanic activity.
Hubble Space Telescope **(16)
Volcanoes on Io.


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