Sedimentary Rocks

Sediments, sedimentary rocks classification, argillaceous, arenaceous, clastic, diagenesis

A portfolio of some of the best websites worldwide on sedimentary rocks, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to related sites on igneous and metamorphic, and mineralogy.

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Educational Sites
Marine Sedimentation *** (1)
Lecture text with figures and images.

Bedform Sedimentology *** (2)
Detailed text with images from the U.S.G.S.

Geomorphology *** (3)
Description of landforms.

Sedimentary Geology *** (4)
Of Arizona, with fossil data, 3D maps, satellite photos, links and much more.

SÚdimentation et roches sÚdimentaires *** (5)
Summary in French.
Sedimentary Rocks *** (6)
Summary with images.
Sedimentology *** (7)
Virtual lectues on composition, diagenesis and structures.
Sandsteinvorkommen in Deutschland *** (8)
In German.
Sedimentary structures *** (9)
A large collection of images.
Atlas of Sedimentary Rocks *** (10)
Lots of images inclusive thin sections.
Sedimentary Rock Index *** (11)
Classifiaction details and good images of 19 sedimentary rocks.
Turbidites of the Welsh Coast Silurian ** (12)
Short text with good images.
Carbonate Rocks ** (13)
Basic description and classification.

Sedimentation & Sedimentary Rocks ** (14)
Basic introduction and classification with figures.
Marine Sediments ** (15)
Text with images about composition.
Carbonates ** (16)
Turbidites ** (17)
Brief text with images.
Sedimentary Rocks ** (18)
Basic descriptions plus images of Clays, Shale, Sandstone, Conglomerate, Limestone, Dolostone, Coal, Geodes, Agate, Glacial Drift.

Field Localities
Arkansas, Ouachita Mountains, Deep Water Turbidites
Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Jurassic carbonate sedimentology.
Louisiana, Salt Domes. Miocene Deltas, Eocene Cycles along Texas border.
Maine, Pineo Ridge moraine/delta complex.
Maryland, Sidelong Hill, Mississippian, structural and sedimentary geology.
New York, Mohawk River Valley, Ordovician sedimentology and tectonism.
Texas, Austin Chalk Group, chalk stratigraphy and sedimentology
Texas, Hill Country, Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic processes.
Texas, Big Bend, Historical geology, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary processes.
Texas, The Brazos River -- Brazos Bend State Park Fluvial sedimentation in a meandering river floodplain
Utah, Cottonwod Canyon, Precambrian clastic sedimentology and stratigraphy field trips.
Wisconsin, Illinois, Silurian reefs, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, sedimentology and palaeontology
Wisconsin, Portage County, Tomorrow River, Modern fluvial processes.
Prealpes Medianes, Paleotectonics and Sedimentology
Finland, Norway and the USA, Proterozoic stratigraphy and sedimentology case histories
New Zealand, Sedimentary basins, summary
Lorraine, Les Environnements Coralliens de L'Oxfordien
Newquay, Turbidites of the Welsh Coast Silurian
Northeast, The Biota of Early Terrestrial Ecosystems: The Rhynie Chert
The Geology of the Yorkshire Chalk
The Variegated Beds of the Welton Chalk Formation of North Lincolnshire
Purbeck Formation - Geology, Facies (Lower Cretaceous, lagoonal)
Arkansas, Ouachitas, Structure, Stratigraphy, and Sedimentology of Paleozoic Rocks
California, San Francisco, Golden Gate, Comparison of the undisturbed and tectonically disturbed sedimentary rocks on either side of the Golden Gate.

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