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A portfolio of some of the best websites worldwide on historical geology/stratigraphy, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to sites on specific fossil groups and evolution.

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Educational Sites
Geological Time Machine ***** (1)
Introduction to stratigraphy and related subjects. An excellent starting point as it provides a summary of each geological time period with excellent figs and images. Another great site from UCMP.
Jurassic Cliffs *** (2)
Jurassic stratigraphy and fossils of the UK with excellent photos and figs of field locations, fossils and mineral specimens. Also tips on collecting fossils and safety in the field. Excellent general site.
Sequence Stratigraphy *** (3)
Introductory text.
Evolutionary & Geologic Timelines *** (4)
Major events in the Earth's history courtesy of the Talk Origins Archive.
Geologic Time *** (5)
The basics of geological time from the U.S.G.S.
Early Tethyan Stratigraphy *** (6)
Text and images.
Geologic Time Scale *** (7)
Imagemap of the Phanerozoic.
Radiometric Dating ** (8)
A basic introduction.

Link Sites
Stratigraphy and Earth History *** (9)
Link site with reviews. Part of West's Geology Directory.

Field Locations

Geology of India, map and stratigraphic column

Australia through time, stratigraphic column

New Zealand, Sedimentary basins, summary

France, Fossils and stratigraphy of over 20 sites (in French)

Dauphine and Provence Alps, France, Comparative Stratigraphy of Liassic Sediments

Lyme Regis - Geology, Pt. 1 - (Lower Jurassic) Introduction

Osmington - Geology, Pt. 1 - (U. Jurassic, Corallian) - Introduction

Portland - Geology, Isle of, Pt. 1 - General

South Coast Geological Guides - Introduction & Maps

Solent Shores - Geology, Tertiary - Quaternary

Chalk, The White Cliffs of Dover

Geology of Kent

Channel Tunnel Geology

East Kent, Geology, fossils

Speeton Clay

The Geology of the Yorkshire Chalk

Berwickshire, Geology, unconformity

Alaska, The Pleistocene Gubik Formation, Skull Cliff, Alaska

Arkansas, Ouachitas, Structure, Stratigraphy, and Sedimentology of Paleozoic Rocks

California, San Diego County, General geology, Quaternary to Jurassic.

California, St. Patrick's Point, Mesozoic and Quaternary geology.

Colorado, PlateauJurassic - Cenozoic Strata of the Colorado Plateau

Montana, Stratigraphy of Central Montana

New York, Rochester, Geological history.

Late Mesozoic Geology of Texas, major reference with map, stratigraphic details, formation names etc.

Utah, Cottonwod Canyon, Precambrian clastic sedimentology and stratigraphy field trips.

Wisconsin, Michegan, Midcontinent rift system, stratigraphy, structure and mineralisation

Colorado, Southeastern Colorado, Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Impact Layer

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