Structural Geology

Some of the more informative sites on the www for structural geology inclusive; Faults, Folds, Thrusts, Tectonics, Crustal Deformation; also see Plate Tectonics

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Educational Sites
The Structural Geology Page *** (1)
Link site with resources, contacts and general information for structural geologists.
Active Tectonics *** (2)
Examples of modern tectonic deformation with links.
Folds, Faults and Deformation *** (3)
Series of lecture slides with text and images.
Structure and Tectonics Groups on the www *** (4)
University research groups worldwide by country.
Crustal Deformation *** (5)
Basic description with links to images of folds and faults.
Earthquake ABC's *** (6)
Reviewing the basics of fault motion, earthquakes and the damage they cause.
Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology on the WWW ***
Links for structural geologists, tectonics and metamorphic geology.
EAS 326: Structural Geology *** (8)
Includes basic structural movies and links to stereonet and strain programs, photos of faults and links.
Earth Sciences 150 *** (9)
Includes lecture notes on Fractures&Joints, Introtuction to Faults, Thrust Faults, Thrust Mechanics, Normal, and Strike-slip Faults, Stress, Brittle Failure, Folding, Kinematics of Folding, Foliations and Lineations, Rheology, Deformation Mechanisms and Shear Zones.
Folds and Faults ** (10)
Lecture text describing the basics.
Geology 1010 ** (11)
Classnotes defining basic terms.
Geological Structures ** (12)
As useful indicators of movement with photos.
Structural Geology Notebook ** (13)
Notes and images mainly of sandbox modelling.
Structural Geology ** (14)
Photos of unconformities and folds
Structural Geology Course Resources on the Internet ** (15)
Link site to courses worldwide.
Visualising Structural Geology ** (16)
Visualising stress and strain, but takes time to download.

Field Locations 
Assynt, Geology, Moine Thrust Belt
Assynt, Geology, Moine Thrust Belt
East Fife, Geology, structures
Moine Thrust Belt, Structural geology
Bantry to Killarney, Structural und metamorphic evolution along a geological profile SW Ireland
Carpathian Mountains, Fold and thrust belt.
Prealpes Medianes, Paleotectonics and Sedimentology
Chartreuse massif, Subalps, with a faulted syncline picked out by the Urgonian limestone.
Oppdal area, Tectonics, central Norway
India/Eurasia plate collision, Displacements and Strain in the India-Eurasia Plate Collision Zone
Himalayas, birth of
The Formation of the Himalayas

Topography, Tectonics, Climate & Erosion in the Himalayas
Nanga Parbat, Structural Geology of the Southwestern Margin of Nanga Parbat
Tectonics and Volcanoes of the Philippines
Arkansas, Ouachitas, Structure, Stratigraphy, and Sedimentology of Paleozoic Rocks
California, Hayward Fault
California, San Andreas Fault Zone, Exposed at Palmdale
California, Palos Verdes Peninsula, a tectonic fault block
California, Ring Mountain, Marin County, General geology and the San Andreas Fault.
California, folded and tilted rocks, unconformities, and sedimentary structures at Rainbow Basin
California, San Francisco Bay Area, San Andreas Fault
California, Virtual Field Trip: San Andreas Fault and Hayward Fault, San Francisco Bay Area
California, San Francisco, Golden Gate, Comparison of the undisturbed and tectonically disturbed sedimentary rocks on either side of the Golden Gate.
California, San Andreas Fault. Watsonville-Hollister area
Maine, Tumbledown Mountain Area, ductile deformation and granite magma transfer
Maryland, Sidelong Hill, Mississippian, structural and sedimentary geology.
Texas, Structural geology and landforms of Dallas County
Utah, Wasatch Range, Thrust sheet with maps and figures.
Wisconsin, Michegan, Midcontinent rift system, stratigraphy, structure and mineralisation
Wyoming, Lazeart Syncline and Darby Thrust, Structural geology




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