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United States Geological Survey ***** (1)
The U.S.G.S. is the main source for quality yet free geological data and images on the www. Excellent example to all surveys worldwide. Has to be my No. 1.
Walking with Dinosaurs ***** (2)
Fantastic educational site based on the much acclaimed BBC TV series with lots to interest people of all ages. In the author's opinion not only the best dino site, but one of the best geological sites.If you go to the main BBC index the full address should read
Lunar and Planetary Institute ***** (3)
Loads of information and images with teacher workshops and student programs. Possibly the best planetary site on the www.
Volcano World **** (4)
Claims to be the premier site for volcano information and may well be. It is certainly extremely comprehensive and as the site includes its own search engine the information is also easily accessed. Includes features such as 'ask a volcanologist', 'kids door' and much, much more. If your time is limited and you are interested in the distribution of volcanoes worldwide, including those which may have been inactive for millions of years then this is one site not to miss.
Planetary Geology **** (5)
Includes an educator's guide to geologic processes, impact craters, atmospheres, planetary surfaces and mapping, with hot topics and cool links. With loads of free teachers guides.
Savage Earth **** (6)
A good general introduction to the subject. Articles on volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis with excellent images and animations.
Global Volcanism Program (GVP)**** (7)
Concentrates on documenting volcanic activity over the past 10,000 years with emphasis on recording present day volcanic activity. Provides some basic information but possibly most useful for its worldwide academic links. From the Smithsonian Institution.
Paleomap Project **** (8)
Illustrating the plate tectonic development of the Earth over the past 1100 million years. With animations to be downloaded plus other images.
Geoscience Internet Links **** (9)
This link site from the University of Mainz (the mainz link site!) has be be the most thorough on the Internet for institutes, journals, museums, jobs and much more. As such it had to be included in my Top 10.
Anatomy of a Mine **** (10)
Detailed text on just about everything to do with mining in the US. Includes topics from prospecting through to reclamation.

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