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A portfolio of 20 of the best websites worldwide on volcanoes, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to related sites on earthquakes, natural disasters and plate tectonic.

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Choice: Educational Sites; Link Sites; Other Sites

Educational Sites

Volcano World **** (1)
Claims to be the premier site for volcano information and may well be. It is certainly extremely comprehensive and as the site includes its own search engine the information is also easily accessed. Includes features such as 'ask a volcanologist', 'kids door' and much, much more. If your time is limited and you are interested in the distribution of volcanoes worldwide, including those which may have been inactive for millions of years then this is one site not to miss.
Volcanoes Online **** (2)
A very visual educational site which includes a wealth of information, the educational nature of which is balanced with some humorous cartoons. Well worth a visit by any student with a project. It is easy to use and well cross referenced.
Global Volcanism Program (GVP)**** (3)
This Smithsonian Institution program concentrates on documenting volcanic activity over the past 10,000 years with emphasis on recording present day volcanic activity. Provides some basic information but possibly most useful for its worldwide academic links.
Volcanoes **** (4)
Probably the definitive on-line text on volcanoes which includes a text only button for ease of use. From the U.S.G.S.
Vents Program **** (5)
The U.S. Dept. of Commerce provides the main site for submarine volcano and hydrothermal vent enthusiasts. It discusses their impact and consequences and includes almost real time photos from 1 mile underwater.
Can we predict volcanic eruptions? **** (6)
A simple, well presented, interactive and very educational site which for a student may prove invaluable.
NASA EOS IDS **** (7)
For a completely different viewpoint of Earth's volcanoes! With educational slide sets and plenty of links to other educational sites. Also a wealth of scientific data.
Nova: Into the Abyss **** (8)
The ambitious expedition to retrieve two 'black smoke' chimneys from the seafloor. Includes a map of submarine vent sites.
Stromboli Online *** (9)
A major site on two of Europe's major volcanoes, Stromboli and Etna. All the links you need regarding these volcanoes plus links to many Volcano live cams and links to other major volcano sites worldwide; plus eruptions worldwide.
Vesuvius *** (10)
A comprehensive site on what is probably the world's most famous volcano. It is includes a comprehensive guide to all Italian volcanoes and links to other significant sites worldwide.
The Dynamic Planet *** (11)
Download a major map of the Earth's physiographic features and text courtesy of the U.S.G.S.
Savage Earth *** (12)
Good educational summary from PBS Online which includes a section on 'other planets'; plus links to movies.
Worldwide Volcanic Reference Map *** (13)
Includes major map, plus links to much of the latest data on volcanic activity, plus many images.
Volcanoes of the United States *** (14)
A U.S.G.S. publication, which includes numerous images, plus a very welcome text only button and an invaluable glossary.
MTU *** (15)
Michigan Technological University
A site which concentrates on current volcanic activity, remote sensing and hazard mitigation. It also includes plenty of links.
Volcano Hazards *** (16)
Another of the U.S.G.S. series and a major contribution on volcanic hazards and risks which concentrates on present day activity but which includes an excellent and very comprehensive photoglossary. Well worth a visit for this alone.
Volcano Watch *** (17)
Satellite images worldwide.

Link Sites
The Electric Volcano **** (18)
This site dedicated to volcanologists who have died in the cause of research, provides links to academic journals, volcanic observatories and current events. A must for research students.
The Volcanic Homepage **** (19)
Based in Japan, one of the few significant sites outside the U.S. Provides information on Japanese sites, a guide to volcanologists on the Internet, with data to download inclusive volcanic eruption models.
The Volcano Information Center *** (20)
One of the best educational link sites from U.C. Santa Barbara.
U.K. Volcanologists Home Page **
Includes links to the main U.K. volcanology research institutes.

Other sites of interest
Mount St. Helen's ***
A U.S.G.S. site with all that you need to know about this American volcano whose last major eruption was in May 1980.
The Volcanoes of Mars**
An insight into planetary volcanic activity.

Worldwide Examples
Pacific margins, 'ring of fire' map
Bandung, volcano photographs
Kuju, Eruption of Kuju Volcano
Japan, active volcanoes, Fuji volcano, Miyakejima volcano, Usu volcano, Karymsky volcano, Unzen volcano
Mount Pinatubo, Philippines
Pinatubo, Philippines
Mayon Volcano, Philippines
Tectonics and Volcanoes of the Philippines
Philippines, maps of the volcanoes of the Philippines with images, and text (tourist guide)
Ruapehu Volcano, New Zealand
New Zealand, Volcanoes, active, volcanic fields and geothermal activity with facts and pictures
Rabaul Caldera, Papua New Guinea
Edinburgh, Geology, Holyrood Park, Arthur's Seat
Edinburgh, Geology, Holyrood Park, Arthur's Seat
Park Geology, Links to Volcano Parks
Hawaii, Kilauea Crater Kilauea Crater Virtual Field Trips
Hawaii, A Teacher's Guide to the Geology of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Hawaii, Take a Tour of Loihi, Hawaii's newest volcano
Idaho,' Craters of the Moon', the largest young basaltic lava field in the conterminous United States
Idaho, Snake River, Yellowstone, Complex tectonic and volcanic region with a Miocene graben.
Idaho/Oregon, Lewiston, Kimberly, Colombia river basalt group. Flood basalts of Tertiary age.
Nevada, Ancient Lakes and Volcanoes near Fallon
New Mexico, Afton Lava Flow in Southern New Mexico near El Paso
New Mexico, Black Mountain Cinder Cone, Southern New Mexico west of El Paso
New Mexico, Valley of Fires, Lava flow in central New Mexico
New Mexico, Field Trip to Zuni-Bandera Malpais Basalts, Northern New Mexico.
Oregon, Cascade Range, Volcanoes, volcanics and regional geology (USGS).
Oregon, Descutes, Basin and range Province, General geology, volcanoes and earthquakes.
Oregon,History, geology, and glaciation of Mt. Hood.
Oregon, High Lava Plains and northern Basin and Range
Oregon, High Cascades, Mount Hood, 50,000 years of volcanic history (USGS).
Texas/New Mexico, Aden Crater volcano near El Paso
Washington, Mount St. Helens, Road guide to volcanic deposits.
Washington, Mount St. Helens Vicinity - Points of Interest along the Spirit Lake Memorial Highway
Washington, Indian Heaven Volcanic Field.
Washungton, Eruptive history, road log, Mt. Rainier, Washington


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