Natural Disasters

A portfolio of 20 of the best websites worldwide on natural disasters, selected for you by a professional geologist. With links to related sites on earthquakes and volcanoes.

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Educational Sites
Savage Earth **** (1)
A good general introduction to the subject. Articles on volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis with excellent images and animations.
Effects of Volcanic Activity **** (2)
Describes the major types of volcanic hazards. It also features a list of the major disasters since 1586 plus an excellent photo-gallery. From the USGS.
Earthquake Information: Reducing Hazards ***
Includes the latest info, hazards, preparedness and an in-depth look at the San Francisco Bay Area. Includes many images. From the USGS.
Dinosaur Extinction Page *** (4)
Concentrates on the impact theory of this mass extinction event, plus interesting tabular data estimating the frequency of 'objects' crossing the Earth's orbital path and the 'frequency of impactors' on Earth. For alternative theories click.
Meteors & Meteorites *** (5)
Detailed, text based, with descriptions of famous impact craters.
The Eruption of Thera *** (6)
This is an excellent example of how historical evidence can be used to support a thesis; in this case that there was a massive eruption at Thera (in the Mediterranean) around 1600 BC.
Meteors, Meteorites & Impacts *** (7)
Details of types, plus statistics, estimates of frequency and consequences, plus links to loads more on the subject.
Disasters of Nature *** (8)
Gives details of volcanic and earthquake disasters with emphasis on Vesuvius, Krakatau and Mt. St.Helens.
How are Tsunamis generated? *** (9)
Describes how landslides, volcanic eruptions and cosmic collisions can generate tsunamis. Includes a survey of great tsunamis plus links.

Changing Palaeoclimates & Mass Extinctions *** (10)
Lecture text on how palaeoclimate cyclicity may have contributed to evolution and mass extinctions.
Volcanic Phenomena at Pompeii *** (11)
Gives a detailed chronology of the 79 eruption with figs and photos. Plus discusses pyroclastic flow and the eruptions of Mt. Pelee.
Tunguska ** (12)
The cosmic mystery of the century. Details of the largest meteorite/comet impact in the last 2000 years which occurred in Russia in 1908.
When will it come? ** (13)
An impact? Basic text, images and links.

Link Sites
Selected www Links *** (14)
A major link site with useful summaries of the links.
Natural Hazards *** (15)
Links to sites about volcanoes, earthquakes and landslide information.
Geological Hazards, Past, Present & Future *** (16)
Many useful links.
Comet Shoemaker-Levy *** (17)
The story of the collision of this comet with Jupiter in 1994, but mainly a link site.

Other sites of interest
Disaster Area ** (18)
General review of natural disasters for kids.
Solar System Collisions ** (19)
Send an asteroid or comet hurtling towards your favorite planet!
Earth Science ** (20)
Some excellent images of earthquake damage. From the USGS.



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